Xi'an lighting and lighting industry's 'small and strong'

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-19

Recently, when I visited the Tongtai market, I also met several new dealers who stayed in the Tongtai lighting market. This is nothing, but it is worth mentioning that they are all younger generations who are similar to the author.

In the past visits, the authors mostly talked about the old dealers who have been in the lighting industry for a few years and have a long history of one or two decades. They talked to them. In addition to admire their old experience, there is nothing interesting. Talked. In the younger generation I met in this visit, what I felt was the vibrancy of the face.

With the introduction and help of friends, he has just entered the lighting industry. In the interview, EME sees modestly that lighting is currently at the stage of adapting, learning and accumulating lighting management experience; when talking about the wall sconce management, he believes that the quality of lighting itself and after-sales service are the most important. I will communicate with terminal agents to understand the market situation and do a good job of after-sales protection. For Xi'an market, Bill Lee from EME said that although the current environment is not particularly good, as long as it can persist, it will definitely gain something.

In the interview, Bill said that he went to Guangdong Zhongshan Factory in his early teens, so although he is young, his experience is quite rich. When talking about the view on lighting business, he replied bluntly: to do the lights, to do the quality, to do the service, to take the low-end groceries to fight the price war, can only beat themselves! He said that those Low-end groceries, I have done it myself, no quality manufacturers, regardless of after-sales, lost the credibility in the end. Finally, when talking about the views on the Xi'an market. After two years, the Xi'an lighting market will surely meet the dawn of dawn.
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