EME’s architectural light mainly includes spotlights, downlights, spotlights, and locker lights. The light is designed based on the purpose of simplicity and practicality. It is noted for its long-term performance and is totally rugged, safe and non-toxic. Its sturdy metal structure can resist rust and will not fade with precise surface coating technology applied.

Its anti-glare cover makes the light softer and glare-free. Our lights don't cause fatigue to the eyes of the workers, so the work efficiency can be greatly improved. It is simple in structure and easy to use. The lamp has higher luminous efficiency, better color rendering, less radiation, and long service life is guaranteed.

The outer casing is made of lightweight alloy, which is highly resistant to wear and corrosion. One of its biggest features is its excellent waterproof and dustproof performance. Its thickened lamp housing has good impact resistance, which allows the luminaire to work properly in a variety of harsh environments.

EME guarantees that our architectural light’ s illumination, brightness and lighting power density values are all strictly in accordance with the relevant national regulations. EME also provide reasonable lighting installation locations, illumination angles and shading solutions of the architectural light to the user to completely avoid light pollution and glare.

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