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EME has kept looking for agent partners since its establishment, because decoration lighting forprojects is typical B2B business, it's too costly for one factory to develop worldwide projects directly,

and to cooperate with local agent partners has been proved always the most efficient way.


1.Who can be agent partner of EME Lighting?
A: People who has good business relationship with local government, real estate companiesor interior designers. He/she has finished 3 hotels (5-star hotel will be much better) at least in

recent 2 years.

2.How does EME cooperate with its agent partner?
A: EME doesn’t bid projects from tender side directly, it focuses on custom lighting manufacturing for agent partner and provide competitive price for long-term cooperation purpose.

3. Why to choose EME for cooperation?
A: EME has its own industry park with 6,6000m² and 300+ employees, it’s specialized on custom lighting manufacture since 2004 and already finished over 350 worldwide hotels (including international brands like Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, Marriott and etc.) with its agent partners.

4. Where does EME looking for agent partners?

A: Worldwide but specially in North American, Middle East and Southeast Asia areas.

EME served designer with agent

 EME served developer with agent

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