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European crystal chandelier features and installation notes



If you want to create a family atmosphere with European flavor, then as an important decorative element, European crystal chandelier is essential. But for this kind of lamps and lanterns that has strong foreign culture, presumably in a lot of friends may not very understand it. That we take a look below Europe type crystal  chandelier characteristics and Europe type crystal chandelier installation attention matter also does a few study.

European crystal chandelier features

1. The process of Europe type crystal chandelier is very complex, take iron material as an example, begin from the raw material iron pipe that buys, it need to undertake bend make, weld, burnish, polish, pickling, phosphating, bake paint, electroplate, assemble wait for a series of craft ability to make a Europe type crystal chandelier with perfect quality. Usually qualified European crystal chandelier products has elegant style, simple but different, product selection is also very strict.

2. Crystal chandelier and large space together is to bring out the best in each other, such as 25 square meters or so of the sitting room, you can choose the atmosphere, fashion crystal chandelier to decorate the sitting room; Angling crystal chandelier can reflect the warmth of life already, which brings special costly feeling to the sitting room. Europe type crystal chandelier suits Europe type style more of course or neoclassical style decorate, such chandeliers have very good effect to foil to give European culture breath.

3. If the family to choose A European crystal chandelier, but also it's a must to pay attention to the height of the room. Because one of the characteristic of Europe type crystal chandelier suits the space with taller bigger height namely. Generally speaking, the house height is in the flat layer of 3.5m above, the whole decorates a style to incline to Europe type or neoclassical style again, can choose a crystal droplight; If the height is less than 3m ordinary residence, you can consider crystal to absorb dome light, lest let the space become depressive.


Installation of Europe type crystal chandelier notes

1. Main operation method: embedded iron or wood brick in the structure layer first (except water brick bearing). The embedding position should be accurate and should have sufficient adjustment room; The transition connector is set on the iron piece and the wood brick to adjust the error of the cutting piece. It can be nailed, welded and screwed through the cutting piece. Then the derrick, sling and transition connector are connected.

2. Key details of crystal chandelier installation: if there are more than one chandelier installation, you should pay attention to their position, the length of the relationship, chandeliers can be installed in the ceiling at the same time, chandelier installation also can be based on the ceiling joists, adjust the position and height of the chandelier. The ceiling beard surface of the boom can be obtained by direct outlet method and casing addition method. The practice that adds meeting pipe is advantageous for installation, chandeliers can assure ceiling face plate which is complete, drill hole can be in the position that needs to give pipe only. Give the condole cup of ceiling directly, when crystal chandelier is installed, board borehole is not easy to find correct. Sometimes it is possible to use the method that first installs derrick to cut off face plate to dig hole to install again, but decorate the effect to crystal chandelier to have an effect.

3. The boom should be a certain length of thread, in order to adjust the height. The light box is suspended under the hanger rod, and the reliability of connection should be noted. The hanger rod and sling are directly nailed on the secondary joists or connected to the vertical grid by the method of plate surface perforation mentioned above. Or hanging from the additional cross joists between the secondary grid.

The above are some notes for crystal chandeliers, if everybody wants to undertake chandelier is decorated or looking for crystal droplight certainly. And when specific lamps and lanterns chooses, it is to the characteristic of Europe type crystal droplight should understand clear above all of course, in order to decide installation is in which bedroom. The installation that pays attention to droplight to Europe type namely additionally also should make certain technical preparation.

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