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Custom Chandeliers for Hotels



   Are the chandeliers really important for your hotel interior design? Absolutely yes! A good and right chandelier not only adds great charm to the hotels, but also it counts a lot in attracting new consumers. The design of a hotel is where customers and visitors get their first impression.

Why do hotels prefer to choose to hotel chandeliers as the illumination for their lobbies or banquet halls?

1. Style of the hotel

   Generally speaking, hotels feature high ceilings and broad areas. Thus, common ceiling lights can not emit adequate illumination and satisfy a large lighting area. While custom chandeliers can be adjusted flexibly to the appropriate height and emit more emanative light.

   As an indispensable part of hotels, the chandeliers are one of the attractive points where guests get their first impression. There are numerous chandelier styles such as industrial, modern and contemporary, mid-century, and classical style, and which one to choose is based on what architectural style the hotels are. For example, nowadays most hotels are built in a grand and magnificent style, and thus, modern crystal chandeliers are usually the first choice for hotels.

2. Star level of the hotel

   The level orientation of the hotel is another factor influencing the choice of lights. A right and appropriate light can upgrade the level of a hotel. A five-star hotel usually prefers to adopt luxury and gigantic custom chandeliers to manifest its magnificence, while an economical hotel or inn is more fond of ceiling lights or small chandeliers. Only a perfect combination of lighting style can make the hotel levels prominent.

Where are the chandeliers mainly applied in the hotels?

1. Lobbies

   Chandelier applied in lobbies and banquet halls offers an atmosphere of splendor and elegance. It is an important decor to the lobbies. As mentioned above, due to the high ceiling and large area, chandeliers are often used as the main light together with auxiliary lights such as spotlights. Enough brightness of chandeliers makes it easy for guests to see anything in the lobby.

2. Banquet halls or restaurants

    A large chandelier is recommended for banquet halls and restaurants because it not only efficiently brightens the room but also functions as an atmosphere decoration. The dining area is where people get relaxed and entertained, and thus, custom chandeliers applied in those areas are intentionally or unintentionally offer intimate and comfortable feeling for people.

What are the common requirements of custom chandeliers from hotels?

1. Security and safety

   Security and safety is always a foremost considering factor for hotels. Most chandeliers are made of heavy materials such as metal, glass, crystal, and marble, compounding with their huge sizes, thus, the bearing capacity of the ceilings is taken into consideration. Over-weight chandeliers are a hazard not only for the ceiling structure but also for the people standing below. Therefore, when customizing a chandelier, hotels usually have strict and specific safety requirements on the chandeliers to protect guests and workers from being hurt by the falling lights.

2. Durability

   Most hotels implement a small-scale renovation every fifth year, and a large-scale renovation once-in-a-decade. That’s to say, the lifespan of the chandeliers should not less than 10 years. Usually, it costs a lot in labor for repairing or maintaining the lights. For example, if the custom chandelier is designed with a poor heat dissipation component, the light fixture will eventually burn out due to over-high temperature. Thus, a durable and easy maintained chandelier is the priority for hotels.

3. Color Rendering Index

   Color temperature ranges from 2500K-7000K.Most custom chandeliers in hotels are about 3000K(warm light). Over-low color temperature fails to offer a spaciousness sense, while over-high color temperature gives people a sense of apathy and loneliness. Thus, a chandelier with relatively warm light can provide a welcoming and intimate atmosphere for guests. Most hotels also require to customize chandeliers with soft and smooth warm light.

   Besides, the CRI of chandelier shall not less than 85(Ra≥85). In this way, hotels are capable of providing a good lighting environment for guests to see clearly anything in the room.

4. Other requirements

   Certainly, there are other requirements when hotels customize chandeliers. For example, a multi-light chandelier is suitable for rectangle dining tables. Besides, human vision mainly focuses on 10-30 degree and the best beam angle is 10-20 degree, thus, an down lighting or ambient chandelier is prior to an up-lighting chandelier in restaurants or front doors of hotels.

   In addition, the LED light source is the preferred option due to its low power consumption. Other requirements such as chandelier styles and anti-glare capacity will be taken into consideration.

EME Profile

    With the above requirements for the chandeliers, EME is an optimum choice for hotels.

   EME has finished many overseas custom chandelier projects, such as the chandelier projects in Office of the President in Tajikistan, Ramada Hotel in Azerbaijan, the RazaJamia Masjid Mosque in the UK, the National Assembly Office of Vietnam, and Hilton Hotel in India. We provide a full set of chandelier custom plans and one-stop service for our partners, and still maintain good cooperation relationship with the above partners up to now.

    Founded in 2004, with over 300 employees, our company is well-known both domestic and overseas. With ten years of commitment and devotion, and an in-house research and development team who have 20 years of lighting experience, EME is widely known in the chandeliers industry due to its professionalism.


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