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Features of Various Chandeliers



Crystals are always made of glass which is transparent and brittle. Lead is always added to the material to increase the property of glass like density. When density is high, its refractive properties increases and the crystal clarity as well which makes them sparkle. Here we will look at two types of chandeliers which are: acrylic and crystal chandeliers their appearance, materials, usage, and suspensions.

The Appearance 

Appearance of Acrylic light

Crystal lights and chandeliers have different appearances and installation process. Their uses are different as well so you need to consider the idea when purchasing a home light fixture. Acrylic light has various forms and styles but before you chose it, determine its function first. Always remember the glass fixture is hanged from one chain or cord at the room’s ceiling.

Appearance of Crystal Light 

However, the chandelier increases any room’s elegance. It may be hanged for decoration or a light source. In the early centuries, chandeliers were recognized to be light sources for the rich and in churches. They however almost disappeared when the technology was improvised with small lighting fixtures.

Crystal chandeliers are currently in many styles and variations which include down-light, tiered, rustic, and transitional being among the available styles. They are also of different sizes like small, mini, large, medium, dining room, entryway, bathrooms and living room chandeliers. The chandelier has a branched system which has canopy bulbs, central body, and chains. There is an essential proportion hence when selecting the chandelier. Always consider an average medium chandelier, not the one which draws attention especially when it is specified to compliment and blend the room.

The Suspension

How acrylic chandelier is suspended

Every light needs to be installed differently and well. As for this case, an acrylic chandelier cord that is made with hard wire should be from four to six feet to avoid any dangling cords or chains. Also, if its look will be more finished and polished, it will be the primary light source and hence permanent light fixture which uses more labor; however when you compare to the plug-in. For a plug-in light, then the chain should be around nine feet tall since mostly that extension cord is the one that plugs light to the socket.

The cord or chains have different length since they have different need of adjustment length since it determines on the length by which light should be suspended from the ceiling. The high ceiling needs a long chain, and a short one needs a short cord.

How the crystal light is suspended

When you hang the chandelier, placing it may become tricky. For tall ceilings, means lights should be higher, but for a larger room, then the fixtures should be wide enough. It will determine the place the acrylic chandelier will be hung, and the period it will affect function and space as well. If they are very low, they may cause discomfort with people when moving around. Hence it can impede the traffic flow. As for extremely high running, it will not cover a wide space. An acrylic chandelier in your house requires labor; hence an electrician is the one who should be preferred to hang them.

The Materials

Materials Used In Making Acrylic Light

Acrylic chandeliers mostly use materials like plastic, glass, metal, and cloth. The reason for a clear glass is because it diffuses light in all directions. However, some metals like brass nickel and polished chrome have a shiny finish which can reflect light too. 

Materials Used in Making Crystal Light

As for the chandeliers, they include crystal, steel, bronze, or hand-forged iron. More material combination may be used. They can have flame-shaped bulbs and the crystal prisms which resembles the 19th-century chandeliers.


Uses of Acrylic Light

Acrylics are used all over the place at home and in groupings too at times, mostly in the living room and kitchen.

Uses of Crystal Light

Chandeliers are used in the entire home with dining room foyer, and living room being common used areas. They may be installed in bathrooms but with regulation. There are building codes which may not include chandeliers to be installed in bathtubs. You should hence hang it at the room center if that is the issue.


The acrylic chandelier is the most commonly used at home since we have seen they are used even in kitchen rooms. When looking for the light fixtures, considering the functions you want the light to serve you with the same light especially acrylic due to its versatility.

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