The ceiling light’ s many accessories designed by EME are made of ferrous materials. Its lamp shade is made of glass and copper and the body is made of copper. It is suitable for many home decoration styles such as minimalist European style, neoclassical, European style, American style and so on.

It is lightweight and has high hardness, oil resistance, dirt resistance and corrosion resistance performance compared with other normal lamps.

The ceiling lamp we manufacture are uniform in thickness, shiny and have a clear light transmission effect. It has the characteristics of no deformation, fire resistance, anti-aging and anti-penetration. It can be guaranteed that it is non-radiative, non-polluting and user-friendly, and is a green lighting product. It uses a seamless bonding technology that performs quite well and has a very long service life. It has high strength, low water absorption and is easy to install and not easy to break.

Its modulator tube has good color rendering, high luminosity and slow light decay. In the production process, the product is exquisitely processed so its size is very standard.

It can be used in a wide range of places, such as hotels, business buildings, dance halls and cafes and other entertainment venues, with a unique decorative effect.

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