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How Hotel lightings Attract Customers



Did you know that the hotel lighting design will make you choose one establishment over the other? Chandelier is one of the most powerful elements that support life and yet we take it for granted. The hospitality industry is one of the many that takes advantage of how light affects us psychologically. 

Different hotel lightings have the power to immensely affect our moods. Have you ever wondered why the bar area has a different light setting from the hotel lobby or room? The same guest will experience different mental states when moving from the bar to their room. Another example is that shady people would prefer an underlit place to hang out. 

Different light settings will evoke various emotions. This effect depends on two elements:

The light direction.

The qualities of light.

The Light Direction

Believe it or not, hotel lighting is used to issue instructions to guests. For example, the reception areas of most hotels have relatively bright lighting. Areas that guests are not supposed to wander off to have little to no lighting and the right places are brightly lit with all the lighting pointing there.  

To create an atmosphere of intimacy hotels employ perimeter lights to align the space and a low light level at the center of the space while the rest of the place is dark. This hotel lighting set will definitely make anyone feel more intimate. 

Hotels use bright lights on almost every surface of the space to invoke the feeling that the place is spacious. This is usually part of the dining area design. In order to make customers feel more relaxed, the hotel lighting is placed at a lower angle overhead of the subject with the other lights around set at the same intensity. 

This information may seem confusing to the untrained eye but experts know how effective these lighting directions are. Light directed away from a guest will make them feel inferior and unimportant. Successful hotels make sure that their guests feel important by strategically designing their hotel lightings to be directed at the guests.

A correctly directed light requires the appropriate color to be more effective and as a result, attract more customers. 

The Color Of Light

The color of light is made up of three qualities, which are:


This is the actual color of the light from a source. 


This is how intense the color from light is. 


This is the amount of light emanating from a lighting source.

White light like sunlight contains all properties of light. That is the reason a prism can break sunlight down to various hues. Hotel lightings rely on different light hues to evoke various emotions from guests. That is why you will never see a hotel bedroom light that is blue. 

It has been scientifically proven that blue light and the color, in general, affects our body clock. This is a system that indicates to our body that it is time to sleep or be awake. Light is made up of waves and the blue wavelengths will affect blind people and cause them to lack sleep. Therefore blue light is bad business for sleeping areas of hotels but very lucrative in the bar sections. 

On the other hand, the red light will help guests sleep better. Here are more light colors and some of the emotions they portray:


This represents cleanliness, safety, and spaciousness.


At first glance, this is elegance, formality, and prestige.


Apart from the emotion of happiness, this color will make a guest feel hungry and cheery at the same time.


This portrays calmness, tranquility and represents nature


The orange light color represents sophistication, warmth and wealth.


This color will invoke confidence, health, and faith.


This is a great way to evoke the emotion of romance, passion, and comfort.


Psychologically the light color purple has been known to help in managing all forms of stress. It represents nobility, luxury, and creativity. 

People that choose to stay at a hotel for a long time do so because they were influenced by the lightings in one way or the other. Guests will choose a room based on its lighting design. One reason people visit hotels is that it is a form of therapy.

Hotel lightings take advantage of this fact by trying to impose a therapeutic feeling to the guests. After all, a hotel is a place to go and relax and not worry about anything as everything is done for you. Your clothes are in order, there is housekeeping, the meals are on time, there is nothing wrong with the shower and entertainment is always a button away. 

It is common for a guest to highly rate the services of a hotel but vow never to revisit because of the décor and the lighting. It is never a visibly obvious short-coming if the lightings are not designed appropriately. No matter how great the services are, a hotel with a poorly installed lighting system will always receive a negative rating from guests. 

Different lighting styles will attract a certain type of guest. Cheap guests will always notice common lighting setups but a high-end joint will feature a state of the art lightings installation. The food might be terrible but the lighting will be a marvel to experience. It is obvious to note that hotels tend to outdo each other based on the light settings they have. It is not uncommon for the exterior of many hotels to resemble a Christmas tree during the holidays, made possible by the unique light shows.

Here are pointers on how hotel lightings attract customers:

They are bright to capture the attention of a guest.

They set the mood for the guest, depending on the activity being performed.

They are therapeutic to guests with cases of mental stress.

They assist a guest in making the right decision depending on the situation.

In conclusion

Hotel lightings are one form of advertisement for the hospitality industry. Successful hotels have different packages for different guests. 

For example, the lighting setup in a room for honeymooners is not the same as the one for a guest who’s attending a business conference. The next time you visit a hotel; think about how the lightings of different hotels make you feel.

There are way too many hotel chandelier manufacturers, you can always find one which is capable enough to tailor your needs and fulfill your demands.

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