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Tips To Shine Your Square Crystal Chandelier Again


The reason you are reading this is - you are obsessed over the shining masterpiece in your living room - your square crystal chandelier. 

Has your crystal chandelier become hazy? Does it not shine like a new one anymore? Do you know that you should clean your chandelier at least thrice a year? But how? Don't worry, we are here to help and you are on the right post. 

So, dive with me in as I take you through all that needs to be done to clean your crystal chandelier so it looks like a new one. 

Planning Is The Key

Abraham Lincoln once said that if he had 4 hours to chop down a tree, he would dedicate 3 hours just sharpening his axe. Evidently, planning is the most important stage of any process. 

Either you're going to ascend towards the chandelier or you're going to descend the chandelier all the way to yourself. The second thing you should do is, divide the chandelier into viable segments, which will make it easy to clean.


>Step-ladder to reach the chandelier.

>Thick mattress or clothes for padding the floor. 

>White gloves. 

>Tender and lint-free cleaning clothes.

>Isopropyl Alcohol.

>Distilled water.

>Regular water.


>Spray bottle. 

>Ear buds and slim brushes to reach the spots where your hands can't reach. 

>Mobile phone with a camera or a digital camera. 

>An apron with pockets. (Optional)

>Long-nose pliers.



Turn off the chandelier and let the bulbs cool down.

While at it, remember never to try rotating the chandelier for your convenience. Instead, always move around the chandelier. Do this to avoid loosening of any crystals from your square crystal chandelier.

Always put on your white gloves so as to prevent the crystal centerpiece from fingerprint stains.

Various Ways To Clean A Chandelier

You can clean a chandelier using either of the two methods which are as follows; 

1. Shallow Clean - Cleaning the chandelier with the crystals and bulbs fixed on it. 

2. Deep Clean- Cleaning the chandelier after unfixing the crystals and bulbs. 

Shallow Clean

1. Turn off the power for the bulbs to cool down so you can touch them with a damp cloth.

2. Next, plug out the power cable for extra precaution. 

3. Place a thick rug or mattress as a drop cloth. This will cushion the fall of any breakable parts.

4. Place your step tool at a position from which you can comfortably reach the square crystal chandelier. 

5. Add 100 milliliters of isopropyl cleaning alcohol and 300 milliliters of distilled water in a spray bottle. Your D.I.Y. cleaning solution is ready. 

6. Spray the cleaning solution over a lint-free cloth and gently wipe each and every crystal.

After cleaning each of the crystals with a damp cloth, make sure to dry each crystal with a dry cloth. 

7. Avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly over the crystals; instead, spray it on the cloth. 

8. Before cleaning the frame, you should have sound knowledge about the material it is made up of. 

9. Choose a cleaning solution which suits the material of frame of your square crystal chandelier. This will avoid the blotching of the frame by the wrong solution. 

10. Gently brush off the dust particles on the light bulbs. Replace the bulb on which the stain doesn't seem to obliterate. 

Deep Clean

1. First and foremost, cut off the power supply which lightens up the chandelier. 

Ensure a thick landing area underneath the chandeliers. This can be done by placing a mattress or thick blanket on the floor. 

2. Click pictures of the square crystal chandelier from various viewpoints. This will help you if you perplexed while reassembling the chandelier. 

3. Start dismantling the brilliants with long-nose pliers and place the unfastened parts on the thick touchdown surface. 

4. Now, fill a basin with tepid water, and make a lining with a cotton towel on the inner side of the basin. Add 4 to 5 drops of dish soap to the basin. 

5. Clean the crystals in the sink. Use your hands to gently clean the crystals. 

Do not use any sponge or rough cloth to clean the crystal as these things will leave scratches over the crystal's glistening surface. 

6. Immediately after rinsing the crystal, use a dry lint-free cloth to absorb all the excess water on the surface of crystals. Not doing so can lead to dry watermarks on the crystals which will give an unpleasant look. 

7. Now, clean the frame and sockets with a cloth moistened with the cleaning solution which is ideal for the frame metal. 

8. Now let the square crystal chandelier dry on its own. Leave it for almost two hours. Do not leave the window open for ventilation, as it will draw more dust particles. 

9. After that, start fastening the crystals with long nose pliers. 

It is important to start fastening from the center of the chandelier and move outwards from the center. This will prevent any confusion in the near future.

What Is The Best Time To Clean Your Chandelier?

You might be wondering about the right time clean the chandelier. The answer to this question varies depending on the place where your square crystal chandelier is placed. 

If you have a chandelier in your kitchen or in your living room open to the polluted atmosphere of the outsides, then you should clean it more often, maybe, once in two months. 

If your chandelier shines in a place which stays clean, then cleaning it once every six months won't do any harm. 

Choosing The Intensity

This is a manual step and is entirely based on your will. The decision to deep clean or shallow clean is entirely yours. The deep clean method or the crystals off method should be used when the chandelier has not been cleaned for ages. 

On the other hand, if you clean it every 5 to 6 months; then you can clean your square crystal chandelier with the crystal on method. 

PRO Tips

1. Dust the chandelier every 15 days or when you observe haziness, this will keep large dust particles at bay.

2. Before cleaning the showpiece with a damp cloth, dust off the chandelier with a dusting brush or a blow dryer. This will remove the excess dust particles.

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