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The Art and Science Behind Crystal Chandelier Manufacturing


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There is nothing more exciting than a crystal lighting fixture beautifully suspended on the ceiling of your living. It is interesting that many individuals may complain about the quality and prices of these crystal components but do not take the trouble of knowing what the crystal chandelier manufacturers undergo in the whole process of making that crystal ornament. As a result, we have written an article for you on how the manufacturers make the crystal components. 

What are Crystal Chandelier Components?

The crystal chandelier component is a lighting fixture that is made by the use of crystals, and it is meant to make your lighting elegant and beautiful. It is fixed on the ceiling with the lights. The chandelier contains several arms that stretch for around three feet in all directions of the vessel. It includes 24 arms, and every arm features an elegant and ornamental design.


The Process of Making Crystal Components

Melting Process

The first process involves melting. Several components that include silica, lead, ash and other elements used to make the crystals are melted in a furnace. The method makes it very easy to recast the material to desirable designs and shapes.


Secondly, the crystal chandelier manufacturers then use the molten material that has been melted to mold it into different shapes that are desired for the chandelier. Since the chandelier has 24 arms, the person responsible for shaping must cast the 24 arms at a time and ensure that each arm resembles another. As a result, the manufacturer must be extra careful and skilled to ensure uniformity.

Twisting the Molten Glass

What the crystal chandelier manufacturers have so far is a molten shape of an arm. At this juncture, two manufacturers come together and do the twisting to give the molten shape a rope-like shape in appearance. The process usually is taxing and delicate, and hence it requires a lot of care and expertise.

Snipping the Excess Material

After the two manufacturers are done shaping and roping the molten arm, they have to clip the excess material from both sides of the new arm. The process involves removing the molten material that appears to be in excess and unusable.

Blowing Air through the Chandelier Arm

You should remember that the manufacturer had a wire that ran through the chandelier arm. Therefore, there is a hollow part of the structure. After removing the unused material, there a process of blowing through the hollow part that takes place. The process is beneficial as it quickens the process of solidification of the molten crystal material used to make the arm of the chandelier.

Working on the Bottom Part

The crystal chandelier manufacturer then works on the bottom part of the chandelier to ensure it has a right and desired face. The process involves the use of conventional and traditional techniques only known to artisans to come up with excellent designs. After this process, the crystal chandelier is placed on a press.

Finer Shaping

Crystal chandelier manufacturers are concerned with the beauty of the result. It is the reason why the ends receive the most excellent tuning. The process here involves an artisan using a pair of pliers to elongate one end to the desired shape. Here, a mass of glass is put in a mold and then blown to produce the desired shape that complements the look of the chandelier.

Final Assembling

After all the 24 arms of the chandelier are finally ready, they are gathered together, and each is connected to the main wiring. After the final assembling process, what the crystal chandelier manufacturer produces is a great and ornamental light fixture that not only gives the best outlook of your light but one that complements the beauty of your living room.

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Crystal chandelier manufacturers must first of all come up with the design they desire for a chandelier before carrying out the above process. After the model, they gather enough materials and then the process starts.

The process of crafting a crystal chandelier is a mixture of art and science. It involves crafting and doing a lot of calculations to just come up with the right measurements for each arm that goes into the final assembly of the whole thing.

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