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what is chandelier



What is chandelier? Today, China top light maufacturer, EME lighting factory will bring you up to speed. Hold tight, follow EME factory and dive in.

Chandelier is high-end light installed on ceiling. Irrespective of any kind of chandelier, they all cannot be hung too short, otherwisem the line of sight may obstruct a person's sight normally or make a person feel dazzling. Take the chandelier in the dining room for example. The ideal height is to form a pool of light on the dining table, but not to obstruct the line of sight of people on the table looking at each other. The chandelier hanger is fitted with a spring or height adjuster, which is suitable for floors of different heights and needs.

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Origin of chandelier: Historically, chandelier was from Spain. Pendant lights, both plugged in and lit with oil, were ideal for savory interiors."BAROVIER & TOSO" crystal chandeliers available in six colours;There are fine grain on the glass, make ray reflection come out do not have elegant fun.The beautifully striped glass pendant "STRESA SOSPENSIONE" was supported by moulded aluminium and brushed with dull silvery-grey enamel. The lighting craft of "TIFFANY" was carried forward by an American, Mr. Louis, who made elaborate watches set in glass.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Variety of chandelier: The pattern of chandelier is most, commonly used have chandelier of Europe type candelabra, chandelier of Chinese style, crystal chandelier, parchel chandelier, fashionable chandelier, conical cover flower lamp, pointed flat cover flower lamp, tie waist covers flower lamp, 5 fork round ball chandelier, magnolia cover flower lamp, olive chandelier to wait.At the cent of the bedroom chandelier of single head and bull chandelier two kinds, former is used at the bedroom, dining-room latter appropriate is installed in the sitting room more.The installation height of chandelier, its nadir should leave the ground not less than 2.2 meters. 

European candlestick chandelier

The crystal chandelier of European classic style, inspiration comes from the candlestick illume way of ancient people, at that time people is to place a few candles on the tie yi that hangs.

Many chandeliers today are designed in this style, but the candle has been changed into a light bulb, but the light bulb and lamp holder are still like candles and candlesticks.

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Crystal chandelier

Crystal lamp has a few kinds of types: natural crystal cut and ground modelling chandelier, heavy lead crystal blow modelling chandelier, low lead crystal blow modelling crystal glass mid-range modelling chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier, crystal glass die-casting cut modelling chandelier, crystal glass street-shaped chandelier, etc.

The crystal lamp on the market is made mostly by imitate crystal, but the material that imitate crystal place USES is different, the crystal lamp of good quality is made by high-tech material, and a few crystal lamps of inferior quality serve as the material that imitate crystal with plastic even, smooth shadow effect nature is very poor.

So, when buying, must compare carefully, differentiate carefully.

Commonly used crystals are K5 and K9.

Chinese style chandelier

The Chinese style chandelier with classical appearance, bright and agile, suit to install in vestibular area.

In the place that take the door, bright light feels the atmosphere that gives a person with enthusiasm joyfully, and Chinese style design can tell those make public blunderous guest again, this is a traditional family.

What should notice is: the specification of lamps and lanterns, style should form a complete set with the sitting room.

In addition, if you want to highlight screens and decorations, you need to add spotlights.

Fashion chandelier

Most other people perhaps do not want to decorate Europe type classic style, the chandelier of contemporary style often is more welcome.

The chandelier design that has contemporary feeling on the market is numerous, the leeway that offers choice is very big, all sorts of lines all can choose.

Consumer had better choose to be able to install the chandelier of illuminant of energy-saving lamp, do not choose the chandelier that has electric coating, because electric coating time grew easy fade color.

Choose chandeliers that are all metal and glass, both inside and out.


Europe type chandelier and Chinese style chandelier are having distinct distinction in chandelier classification, two grade differentiates to decorate a profession in whole.

1. the difference of design inspiration

Europe type chandelier inspiration comes from the candlestick illume way of ancient people, and Chinese style chandelier inspiration comes from the lantern way of ancient China.

2. the difference of appearance modelling

Europe type chandelier has administrative levels feeling quite, be full of rationalism.

And chandelier of Chinese style continues the wind of Chinese tradition, modelling is more onefold, it is elliptic commonly if ancient lantern, or it is the form of founder if ancient palace lamp.

Europe type chandelier pays attention to luxuriant, extravagant, and Chinese style chandelier, emphasize its culture sex, pay attention to symmetry, founder.

3. Differences in cultural atmosphere

Europe type chandelier is gorgeous, basically appear in the place that compares luxuriant, nobility.

And Chinese style chandelier art atmosphere is thicker, appear in national wind commonly thicker place and culture art atmosphere area. And the other does not conflict, depending on personal preference.

Anyhow, Europe type chandelier and Chinese style chandelier have its distinguishing feature each, the stylist that does decorate an industry wants to understand its culture history, ability does office to decorate adornment!

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Tips for chandelier purchase:

To a few families, because table is very long, accordingly, you can consider to decorate with a few small chandelier.

Every chandelier should have a switch so you can open up smaller or larger Spaces as needed.

You can choose and buy five or seven light bulbs for the space or dining chandeliers with delicate features, glass transparent texture, ceramics and glass combination, such as lily shaped chandeliers, will make people feel enchanted.

Choose chandelier to have a method: the material of the height of suspension, chimney, lamp ball and form need careful choice, lest cause the glare that makes a person uncomfortable.

The height of chandelier wants appropriate, leave desktop about 55 commonly --60 centimeters, and should choose the lamps and lanterns that can rise at will, drop device, in order to be helpful for adjusting and choice height.

Resemble the rice white chandelier with plastic qualitative material, modelling is acted the role of without carve naturally, optional, the spiral modelling of chimney can be adjusted at will.

The maintenance of chandelier and clean: general more beautiful chandelier usually has more complex modelling and lampshade, if damp and dusty, lamps and lanterns often rusts easily, drop lacquer, lampshade is darkened with each passing day because of besmear, if do not go dealing with, average a year is reduced about 30%, do not give a few years, chandelier will be dim without luster.

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Installation of chandelier:

The large chandelier is installed on the structural layer, such as floor, roof truss chord and beam, small chandelier is often installed on the joists or reinforcement, no matter a single chandelier or combination of chandeliers, by a supporting production of lamps and lanterns factory, the difference is that a single chandelier can be directly installed, combined chandelier to be installed after the combination or installation combination.

For large area and strip lighting, the form of suspender and light box.

Chandelier installation tools ready

(1) Construction materials: Commonly used materials are as follows.

 Wood (different specifications of water square, wood, water board), aluminum alloy (plate, profile), steel (section steel, flat steel, steel plate), mainly as a supporting member.

(2) Plastic, plexiglass plate, glass as a partition, decorative veneer and heat dissipation plate, copper plate.

Electrochemical aluminum plate as decorative components.

(3) Other accessories such as screws, nails, rivets, finished lamps, adhesive, etc.

(4) Construction tools: pliers, screwdriver, hammer, electric curve saw, electric hammer, manual record, ruler, paint brush, etc.

Chandelier installation structure layer connection

(1) Operation method: The connection between embedded parts and transition parts is mainly considered.

First embedded in the structure of the layer of iron or wood bricks (except water brick bearing). The embedding position should be accurate and should have enough room for adjustment.

(2) in iron and wood brick on the transition connector, in order to adjust the parts of the error, and the parts of the nail, welding, wringing through.

(3) The boom, sling and the transition connector are connected.

(4) Precautions for Installation: The following three points should be noted during installation and construction.

(5) if there are more than one chandelier, should pay attention to their position, the length of the relationship, can be installed in the ceiling at the same time the installation of chandelier, so can be based on the ceiling joists, adjust the position and height of the lamp.

(6) the ceiling surface of the boom can be directly out of the method and the method of adding casing.

The method of adding pipes is conducive to the installation, which can ensure the integrity of the ceiling panel, and can only be drilled in the position where the pipe needs to be out.

Directly out of the ceiling cup, plate surface drilling is not easy to find alignment when installing.

Sometimes it is possible to install the derrick first and then cut off the panel hole installation method, but has an impact on the decorative effect.

(7) boom should have a certain length of thread, in order to adjust the height with.

The light box is suspended under the hanger rod, and the reliability of connection should be noted.

Install the chandelier with joist connection. The hanger rod and sling are directly nailed on the secondary joists or connected to the vertical grid by the method of plate surface perforation mentioned above.

Or hanging from the additional cross joists between the secondary grid. Absorb the power of illuminant place of dome light: incandescent bulb is 40~100W, fluorescent lamp is 30~40 w more.

Decorate the living room with chandelier

The characteristic of the style chandelier of chandelier that affects whole sitting room directly is conspicuous, because this chandelier style affects the style of whole sitting room directly.

With metal decoration, glass decoration, the chandelier of Europe land amorous feelings of grandeur wooden Chinese palace lantern type lamps and lanterns is rich ethnic flavor, with Japan in a different color the glass in the synthesis of chandelier is beautiful and easy, bead curtain lamps and lanterns give a person the sense with excitement, dazzling, magnificent, and to float soft cloth, made from silk chimney chandelier soft beautiful pleasant warmth.

1, appearance and class choose lamps and lanterns of sitting room adornment to want to consider and the harmony of sitting room atmosphere, strive for refined even, do one's best is costly.

The sitting room is the face of the family, lamp act the role ofing is too common may not show the adornment emotional appeal that gives you and appear a little bit a bit shabby, too luxurious may let the person that visit have excessive psychological pressure, put not open hands and feet.

The method that illuminates lamps and lanterns of sitting room of choose and buy points out in appearance and class respect sitting room main body illuminates not only cannot too dark, also cannot dazzling blindy, when sitting room person is little, can turn off main body floodlight, open a wall lamp additionally.

2, local lighting can be used floor lamp, wall lamp, use and ornament effect can achieve the corresponding requirements.

Watch TV and recreational reading tall pole floor lamp of choose and buy suits quite, the method of lamps and lanterns of adornment of sitting room of choose and buy points out to be in respect of local illume, had better turn off dome light when watching TV and reading, open floor lamp not only won't dazzling, and still can let an environment more hallow and refined.

3, overall lighting the way of living room decoration lamps and lanterns can be used in the overall lighting, usually in the middle of the house installed as a single head or multi-head chandelier as the main lamp, the living room decoration lamps and lanterns can create a stable and generous, warm and warm atmosphere, let the guests have their own home appropriate feeling.

A. If be used to be in sitting room activity, the stand lamp of sitting room space, desk lamp is given priority to with adornment, functional sex is auxiliary make a design.

Stand lamp, desk lamp is the auxiliary illuminant that tie-in each space, to facilitate with space harmonious collocation, modelling is too peculiar lamps and lanterns is not appropriate.

B. If the room is taller, appropriate USES the incandescent pendant lamp of 3 fork to 5 fork, or a bigger round pendant lamp, can make the sitting room appears gorgeous so.

But unfavorable with all downward match the chandelier of light, and should make upper part space also has certain brightness, in order to reduce fluctuation space brightness difference.

C. if the room is low, can be used to absorb dome light and floor lamp, so it becomes lively and generous, the sitting room has the sense of civilization terminology, floor lamp beside the sofa, the sofa side table with a decorative craft lamp, or placed on the wall near the lower wall lamp, such, have local lighting not only reading, but also in receive a visitor talk have also added a cordial and harmonious atmosphere. Bright and comfortable light is helpful for the pleasure of atmosphere in getting along, the vision reduces the burden on the eyes when leisure, and it can also meet other needs in different situations and periods. Accordingly, the lamp that lives in a sitting room is acted the role of on the choice collocation that entails certain skill. 

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