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Wyndham Grand Weifang, China

Wyndham Grand Weifang, China


1. About project
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Wyndham Grand Hotel Weifang is a five-star tourist resort hotel invested and constructed by Weifang Binhai Tourism Group Co., Ltd. It has 300 guest rooms with unique styles, and features unique high-end restaurants, multi-function halls, hot spring swimming pools, and weddings. Chapel, gym, tea house and other leisure and holiday facilities.

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Location: Hai'an Road, Hanting District, Weifang City, Shandong China

Property Owner:Weifang Binhai Tourism Group

Interior Design: KWSG Design Consultants Limited

The decoration lightings of Wyndham Grand Hotel Weifang were manufactured by EME Lighting Co., Ltd.

2. Gallery

● Ballroom

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● Dining

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● Lobby

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● Meeting
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● Pre-function

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