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The series of EME is divided into two series, the classic series and the ocean series. The classic collection includes such our lamp products as European-style pendant light, decorative table lamps, and IKEA-style floor lamps. The ocean series has many different shapes of lamps such as the colored coral pendant light, starfish-shaped pendant light, leaf-shaped pendant ceiling light, blow-molded glass wall lamp.

The series's style is both graceful and magnificent and focuses on lines, shapes, carvings and colors. It also creates a dark color effect through artificial rust treatment and dark coating, giving a visually classical feeling. In terms of manufacturing craftsmanship, we emphasize and strengthen the processing technology of the series such as solder, wrought iron, fabric production and so on.

For the manufacturing of this series of lamps, we focus on the decorative pattern details of the lamp. It gives people the impression of rich atmosphere and the sense of nobleness. Its sleek and elegant shape makes it the perfect choice for classic lighting styles in classical home décor.

The ocean series carefully crafted by EME is known for its bizarre shape and is modeled after marine animals. It is characterized by vivid images, bright colors, distinct layers, different shapes and a strong sense of individuality. With a hard texture and beautiful patterns, this decorative style is widely used in various exhibitions and home decoration. Its non-fading and colorful appearance can make the room unique.

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