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Modern crystal chandelier features


Along with the advance of modern lighting technology, new material, new craft, new technology is widely used in crystal chandelier manufacturing, and people of various lighting principle and the research of using the environment, breaking the previous simple lighting, lighting environment of traditional concept, greatly enriched the expressive force of modern lamps and lanterns, lamp decoration lighting environment and landscaping.  

Modern low-voltage crystal chandelier is 220 v voltage transform into 12 v low voltage crystal chandelier, ordinary crystal chandelier is refers to the common bulb, using 220 v by numerous lamp bead crystal chandelier crystal chandelier very good adornment effect, while low voltage crystal chandelier adopts the latest LED energy saving technology, not only can realize the adornment result that ordinary crystal chandelier, low voltage crystal chandelier more save electricity at the same time, reducing the consumption of electricity. The service life of contemporary crystal chandelier basically sees the stand or fall of its transformer and lamp holder, basically apply to the domestic illume area such as hall, sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, study.

Maintenance and cleaning of modern crystal chandelier:

1. to keep the crystal ball or crystal piece of a long glittering and translucent, need to avoid smoke damage to low-pressure crystal chandelier.

2. the clean of contemporary crystal chandelier can choose one by one scrub crystal ball or the method of crystal piece, if feel troublesome, can spray professional cleaner on crystal hanging lamp act the role ofing, cleaner can take away the dust on crystal ball or crystal piece in the process of volatilization.

Ii. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of modern low-voltage crystal chandelier:

The advantage of low-pressure crystal chandelier is to use the LED energy saving technology that is very popular now, have very good effect of energy saving, and the radiation that illuminant gives out is little, the human body will not be affected by lamplight pollution under the illumination of crystal chandelier for a long time. The disadvantage of low-voltage crystal chandelier is to use a transformer and a very good socket lamp holder, will reduce the normal indoor voltage compression, in this process is very easy to appear socket burned out and lamp bead damage, and maintenance is also more difficult than ordinary crystal chandelier.

Iii. Features of modern crystal chandelier:

Modern crystal chandelier belongs to low voltage lamp, design is to absorb dome light or absorb top chandelier more, illuminant is to take LED and transformer commonly, integral feeling is more relaxed, contracted, contemporary feeling is stronger.

1. the style of modern crystal chandelier

Modern crystal chandelier is more contracted vogue, suit contemporary and contracted style, simple Europe style or the family that does not have a style decorates an environment, applicable scope is wider.

2. Modern technology of crystal chandelier

What modern crystal chandelier basically needs to process is stainless steel chassis, need to cut board machine to undertake commonly cut processing craft make it wants shape and effect.

3. Installation of modern crystal chandelier

The most main component of contemporary crystal chandelier is crystal, every crystal pendant is in the position that needs to understand when installing, and crystal is numerous, the time that needs to spend is more, want to have certain patience and carefulness.

4. Price of modern crystal chandelier

The main part of modern crystal chandelier is stainless steel chassis and crystal. The ply that chassis is qualitative and place USES crystal stand or fall, to the simple sense of whole crystal chandelier and effect are very big, the price also differs a lot, proposal everybody does not buy the crystal chandelier with qualitative inferior to covet temporarily cheap, lest bring safety hidden trouble.

5. Choice of modern crystal chandelier

Modern crystal chandelier is a kind of crystal chandelier, want to decorate a style according to the house, dimensional size, indoor height to choose lamps and lanterns when the choice.

Anyhow, chandelier is to occupy the home than indispensable one of lamp act the role ofing, believe a lot of people can like, the chimney of pattern, tie-in contracted tassel crystal pendant, very simple, but also do not break noble wind however model.

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