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Better not miss these hotel lobby chandeliers



Today we are going to talk about a thing which you must have seen mostly in hotels although some people use them in their homes too. It's a type of thing which solves the lighting problems by being so beautiful. 

Yes, if you are thinking about chandeliers, then you are right. These Hotel lobby Chandeliers works so well when it comes to providing a new look to the place, they look so beautiful and works so efficiently.

In this article we will know about Hotel lobby chandeliers, we will know what they are, their different types and many such exciting things.

What is Hotel Lobby Chandeliers

Are you a hotel owner, or you want to fill some space with something which makes that simple roof looks beautiful and get rid of the darkness in the area too

If yes, then Hotel Lobby Chandeliers can do that single handily. These hotel lobby chandeliers are also called girandole or a giant lamp.

See one can even use a single bulb over the dark place to get rid of the darkness, but if you want to give a unique identity to your place, then you must go for a Hotel Lobby Chandeliers.

These chandeliers are of many different types, let us discuss some in the next point from which you can choose the best match for your place.

Different type of Hotel Lobby Chandeliers-

There are several Hotel Lobby Chandelier designs and models, and we are going to discuss them all here. Let's start-

•  Candle Chandeliers- The first type of Chandelier comes from the early era because, in the early period, these chandeliers get decorated with the help of candles only. Such Chandeliers have near about five arms, on which we can either use candles or candle shaped bulbs.

•  Chandeliers with shades- This is a type of candle chandelier, but in this Chandelier, there are shades connected on each arm instead of a candle or candle shaped bulbs. Such chandeliers are best for home or can be used in hotels to give a modern look to your hotel lobby. 

•  Glass Hotel Lobby Chandelier- The next option under different types of chandeliers is this, Chandelier made up of glass. Such chandeliers should be taken complete care as they can break easily, but such chandeliers look the most beautiful. They can come with arms or with no arms.

•  Crystal Hotel Lobby Chandelier- As it is clear from the name that we are going to talk about the next chandeliers which are made up of Crystal Prisms. Such Chandeliers are the best for a romantic place as they look the most romantic. 

•  Beaded Hotel Lobby Chandeliers- Such chandeliers are entirely made up of beads, so if you have such hotel lobby which matches such design, then you should go for such type of Hotel Lobby Chandeliers. These beads can be made up of wood, glass, crystal prism, or anything else.

•  Drum-shaped Hotel Lobby Chandeliers- Now we will talk about some modern designs of Hotel Lobby Chandeliers. Such chandeliers are entirely made in the shape of a drum and will look good if it's set up in a place with a modern theme. Such chandeliers are made up of fabric, metal, or such other things. 

•  Bowl Hotel Lobby Chandeliers- As I told above that we will talk about some modern designs of chandeliers. So this is a type of Chandelier, which is in the shape of the bowl. You all must have seen such chandeliers in places such as bars. They are mostly made up of metal, glass, fabric. Such chandeliers provide the perfect modern look to your place.

•  Caged Hotel Lobby Chandeliers- The next entry under modern designed chandeliers is this cage shaped Chandelier. They don't have the same shape that you see in the zoo, but they have some outstanding designs. The combination of cage and lights is just mind-blowing. Such chandeliers do not have arms, and the lights are in the center, which looks the most beautiful. Such chandeliers are the best to gets adjusted in a small area, such as a small room or a small home. 

•  Antler Chandeliers- I guess you must have heard about in never before. Such chandeliers, offers a beautiful look, as animal horn looks. Animal lovers are just going to love such chandeliers. Such chandeliers are made up of wood or are made up of things, which gives a wooden look. 

•  Ideal Hotel Lobby Chandeliers- Such hotel lobby chandeliers got their name from their excellent looks. Such chandeliers get made in shapes such as a spacecraft, a satellite or any such thing. But these things work so well if you want to add a modern feel into your place. You should go for such chandeliers if you want to add a modern touch to your place. Such chandeliers are made up of metals mostly. They can be used in both areas at home and hotels too.

How to choose the best Hotel Lobby Chandelier

If you are still confused, even after knowing all these different designs of Hotel Lobby Chandeliers, then you should first think about what type of place it is where you want to add a Hotel Lobby Chandelier. Some of the main points to choose the best Chandelier for your place are these-

1.  Look- Firstly, think about what type of feel you want to add to your place. Is it romantic, modern, formal, or anything else.

2.  Color Combination- The second point which is going to help you in choosing the best Hotel Lobby Chandelier for yourself is to try to create a right colour combination. 

3.  Design- Now, think about the type of plan you want to have for your place. 

4.  Shape- Think about the shape as you can't think to add a big shaped chandelier in a small room or vice-versa. 

5.  Type of lighting- Now at last work on the lighting of the Hotel Lobby Chandeliers. Because not every Chandelier is placed to provide light, some are placed because they look beautiful and to fill that place. 

6.  Others- Before thinking about the chandeliers, you should have a look at the other equipment's, which are already placed in the room. With this thing, you would be able to choose the best pair of Chandeliers for your place.

Should you be hunting for chandelier customization service, welcome to contact us.

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