Chandelier Manufacturer
Chandelier Manufacturer

Chandelier Structure

1. Stainless steel structure: first, to cut the stainless-steel material into different size parts; second, polish them until no sharp edges; third, to welding the different shape parts together, and then take them into color plating process by high temperature. 

2. Stainless steel center column: the diameter of the center column depends on the weight of the chandelier, and all the electric cords will go through it to connect the site ones. 

3. Stainless steel lamp arm: this part usually connects the lamp shade which can be made by different material, such as fabric, glass, crystal, Murano, marble, ceramic etc. Its material and length need to be considered by the weight of the shade. 

4. Murano decoration shade: the shade is made with different size and color with g9 LED light source, and each one has different shape for all are made by hand. 

5. K9 crystal strings: there are lots of shapes for K9 crystal, this is called octagonal beads. The string is combination of different size of beads in clear color. 

6. 40# K9 crystal balls: there are many cut surface for each ball, which make it looks colorful when the light is on. Including K9 crystal, we also supply Asfour crystal and Swaroski crystal.

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