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Hotel Guest Room Lighting



Hotel guest rooms today are not just rooms to sleep but also have several functions like a relaxing place, working place and eating place. So before installing any lighting layout, you need to consider the roles that the room is playing. It is good to provide the perfect lighting system that meets all the roles. For the lights to be able to meet all this purpose, then you should install more than one light in the room. 

Basic types of lighting

Outdoor lighting

This is installed to increase the security level of the building. It is also used to light up the exterior of the building, stairs, and entrances to reduce the risk of injury, in front of the guest house or at the corridors.

Indoor lighting

It is general lighting that is used to light up the entire room. 

Hotel Guest room lighting should be very accommodative since different people visiting the hotel have different preferences of light. The lights should be easy to control for the guest. This will give the hotel a good rating during the guest’s feedback.

Rules followed while installing guest room lighting.

The Lights should be easy to control

The brightness of the hotel room is important because it will allow the guest to relax and enjoy doing their things. For effective lighting, the room should have more than one light with different switches where the guests can easily access to control the light. This is because the guests always want choices such as being able to determine which part of the room is bright and which part is illuminated. 

This will make their stay more comfortable and provide the perfect experience. You can install custom chandelier light with different switches.

In addition to this, the hotels can use a dimmer switch that allows the gust to control the amount of light without switching it on and off.

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The lights in the guest rooms should be very efficient and easy to maintain

The lights in the guest rooms should be well organized and easy to maintain. A custom chandelier is easy to maintain since they are mounted to the ceiling hence making it hard for a guest or children to interfere with the position of the light that can cause minor accidents and troubles in a lighting system. Custom chandelier lighting from best chandelier manufacturer is very durable and well maintained to work for many years. They also make the room look luxurious because of the beauty of appearance. Some produce different colors making the room looks more fabulous and vibrant.

Colors of the light in the room

The color of the light can have a positive impact towards the mood and the atmosphere of the room. The hotel can use different lights that suits both daytime and night hours. For instance, at night, you can use a warmer light that create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and use cool light during breakfast. Using colored lights will help reduce the brightness at night which is more efficient to the guests because night is a rest time.

Bathroom lights

The guest room is not complete without the bathroom. When talking about the lights, the bathroom lighting should not be forgotten. The bathroom should have upgraded light because it also performs its purpose. It has the mirror that the gusts use to check out their outfits and also to apply make ups. If the lights are dim, they can end up having a funny look before living the guest room.

Consult a light planner

Some always thing that light is something you can just fix. That is not true because the modern light comes with a lot of decorations that when not placed right, it might lose its beauty. Having a light planner will define the light layout and appearance. In hotel guest room, it is important to consult your light planner before fixing any light to avoid negative impression from the guests.

In conclusion, before installing any light in a hotel guest room, put yourself in shoe of the guest and imagine if what you want to do is the best. The most important thing to remember is that the gusts always wants to be comfortable and be able to have choices and control over their lighting in the room. Giving them this authority will make them happier and willing to come back because of the experience.

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