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Glass or crystal? Which one to choose?


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Glass and crystal look alike but they are totally different from each other. Their constituents are not the same. They both are used for decorative purposes. The main difference between glass and crystal is that glass is not crystalline whereas crystal is crystalline solid just as the name suggests. 


Glass is an amorphous solid. It is most of the times transparent. The most common and most used type of glass is made of silica. 

Coloring on Glass: 

Glass can also be colored by charged ions and can become translucent. 

Smart Glass: 

Smart glass is obtained when light, heat or voltage is applied. It can become translucent from transparent or opaque from translucent. Smart glass is also known as switchable glass. 

Many people use this kind of glass for glass doors and windows. Some trains use smart glass as glass panels. It can be turned into a frosted mode where it becomes less see through. It gives the look of a frosted glass exactly like ice is frozen on a glass. 


A crystal is a solid whose composition is a crystal lattice because they are arranged in a specific order on a microscopic level. Crystal looks more beautiful and graceful than a glass. Crystals are obtained through a process called crystallization. The most natural forms of crystal include snowflakes and diamonds. 

Crystals are not to be confused with crystal glass and lead crystal as these materials are amorphous solids. They only have the name of crystals but in reality, they are not crystals. 

Most of the crystals have sharp angles and are recognized by their shape. A crystal can also be formed in different colors such as red, purple, etc. 

Glass and Crystal Products: 

Glass and crystals are used in to make many products because of their unique and enchanting looks. Glass is used as window glass, drinking glass, making glass cutlery, CDs, LCD screens, etc. 

Crystal is used as table salt, diamond jewelry, ice. It also occurs to make nature more beautiful such as in the form of snowflakes. 

The most common product which is made both by glass and crystal is Chandelier. Now, the chandelier is made with glass and crystal as well. Many people get confused as to which one is better? It is better to buy wholesale crystal chandeliers if you want to sell them further. As crystal chandeliers are more attractive. 



A chandelier is a decoration piece which lightens the surrounding. It is hung down from the ceiling. It consists of many light bulbs inside. In ancient times, it was a candle holder but now the candles are replaced by bulbs. 

Glass Chandelier: 

A glass chandelier is one kind of a knock off for real chandeliers which are made with crystals. Glass chandeliers come in a variety of colors. Glass has very less percentage of lead in it. This low percentage makes it difficult to be cut and engraved. 

For people who are trying to buy chandeliers in wholesale, it is suggested that buying wholesale crystal chandeliers is better as glass is not malleable. But if you want something lightweight, then glass chandeliers are a better option. 

Crystal Chandelier: 

A crystal chandelier looks the most attractive due to its immense shining and reflecting surface. It does not come in a variety of colors but for a luxury look, fewer colors are better. The natural transparent color of crystal chandeliers makes it look royal. Crystal is clear whereas glass is foggy. Therefore, crystal chandeliers spark exceedingly. The crystal chandeliers light up the whole surrounding with hues of rainbow colors. 

For the wholesale purpose, wholesale crystal chandeliers are better because they are heavier than glass. The reason for this is because crystals consist of lead and glass is made with sand. Lead is denser than sand. Therefore, crystal chandeliers are heavier. It is also a way to know if the chandelier is made with glass or crystal. 

Another way of differentiating between crystal and glass chandeliers is to hold a piece in the light. If it reflects light and maximizes diffraction, then it is crystal. 

In simple word, crystal is a better version of glass and glassware. It is more sparkling, reflecting and enchanting than a glass, what's more important is to cooperate with professional chandelier factory, which will absolutely give you a boost.

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