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crystal chandelier pros and selection guide



When it comes to decorating in the family, we know that the chandelier is more important, because we know that there are bright chandeliers and lanterns which can not only make our life, but also can increase the beautiful degree of the bedroom decoration, so a lot of time in chandeliers and lanterns of choose and buy, there are a lot of owner are attentively, so how about crystal chandelier? 

Now EME chandelier factory is going to introduce to you how to choose about the crystal chandelier and the pros and cons of crystal chandeliers.

How to choose crystal chandelier?

Crystal chandelier

 choice should be factored in the following 3 respects

1) consider bedroom structure, style: no matter the building is low, the adornment of room interval, smallpox beam and distribution, interior design style, etc., it is the factor that should consider when choosing and installation of crystal chandelier.

2) To consider lighting area: generally, the lighting area can be measured according to the diameter of the crystal chandelier or the watt of the bulb. General crystal chandelier serves as indoor advocate illuminant, a few other crystal chandeliers will produce the effect. At the same time in the choice of light source, buyer should pay attention to the light source of low carbon environmental protection, such as new high power LED crystal chandelier, which is a good choice for green home.

3) consider the style of crystal chandeliers and lanterns: what everybody decorates commonly is contemporary Chinese style, so when choosing crystal chandelier, you can choose structure contracted, fashionable contemporary crystal chandelier. At the same time simple crystal chandelier is very convenient in post period maintenance, scrub process.


Crystal chandelier selection method

1) Brand logo: the quality and price of crystal chandeliers of different brands will vary greatly. Some famous brand is to assure its quality, in case chandelier can be mixed by fish eye bead, engraved on the face of each crystal adornment brand mark.

2) Regular crystal pendant specifications: whether the pendant specifications of the crystal chandelier are unified matters a lot. If imitation crystal chandelier pendant hole is not up to standard, not only will it affect the appearance, but also easy to crack.

3) Choose gold-plated support: At present, the styles of crystal chandeliers and lanterns on the market are mostly composed of gold-plated metal support, PVC support, acrylic support and glass support with crystal pendant. The strength of gold-plated metal support is enough to bear crystal pendant, and the luster is more gorgeous. It won't change color or rust for years.


Advantages of crystal chandelier

It is modern in appearance, good light transmittance, crystal clear, high temperature resistance. Unique style, beautiful shape, low cost, beautiful color, good texture, class, long use time, not easy to oxidize color, good mechanical properties at room temperature, wear resistance, polishing effect is exquisite, smooth surface.

Now the crystalline light of lighting on the market to sell a few less, hundreds of yuan, many thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan, let a lot of like consumers want to buy is formidable, compared with the same type of lamps and lanterns, crystal lamp is the price of the other one or a few times, well now the crystalline light of prices have already started slowly down, or general boss name can't afford to buy ah, so for the average family is one of the more noble lamps and lanterns should be crystal lamp.

Above the EME lighting factory to introduce the choose how about crystal chandelier, crystal droplight of the advantages and disadvantages of the related issues, for this problem we should have some understanding, we know the crystal droplight is more important when we choose, because crystal droplight not only beautiful, but also be more comfortable in using, so a lot of people to choose and buy, we also want to learn skills of choose and buy of course.


Disadvantages of crystal chandelier

The difficulty of cleaning is one of the disadvantages of crystal lamps. Yeah, again gorgeous things are dirty, especially like crystal lamp, crystal clear, glittering jewelry, but also easy to get dirty, hard for its cleaning and maintenance, or it is very ugly, seriously affected its beautiful appearance, the sitting room of general crystal lamp is more than 100 less, more than several hundred, if one by one down to clean that is very troublesome, especially on the hanger is high and heavy, cleaning a crystal lamp over at least two people.

 Its dazzling light has an effect on the child's strength. Crystal chandelier can refract the lamplight that gives luxuriant should be the important reason that a lot of people like crystal chandelier

, but such lamplight also can have inappropriate time. For example, in the family of a newborn baby, if the light is too bright, it will not be good for the eyes, and it will affect the visual development of the newborn baby more. At the same time, we should not read the newspaper or study near the crystal lamp, because its refraction of the light is very dazzling. The good news is that there are many crystal lights that can be tuned in a variety of ways, some with several sections, which can also reduce eye damage. 

This article is from EME lighting factory specialized in custom chandeliers, more info, stay tuned.

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