Most of EME' s pendant light is made of steel and bronze, and are available in copper and luxe gold. The pendant light is in accordance with the European decoration style full of fashion and elegance. It is designed with high-end styling and dim lighting that will give you a strong retro industrial feel. One of its distinguishing features is that it is very energy efficient and economical. Painted surface treatment technology gives it a clean and vintage look.

It is easy to install and simple in style, giving the space a clear and bright feeling. It works better in combination with other similar copper lamps. The lamp is suitable for being used in cafes, art galleries and some specialty hotels, creating a special and rich atmosphere.

Its light is directly irradiated on the objects that need to be highlighted resulting in great aesthetic effect and achieving the artistic effect of rich layers and rich shades.

It features simplicity, classics and retro style. This lamp can also be used in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bar or office to add to the classic atmosphere of any space. It is also equipped with a humanized hanging wire, which can be adjusted in length and can be easily matched with various decorative styles such as modern or retro. 

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