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What is the crystal chandelier made of?


crystal chandelier

Crystal chandelier is a kind of chandelier made of artificial crystal, with luxuriant, noble characteristics. The general shape of chandelier is unique and chandelier has high aesthetic value.

Crystal is a symbol of purity and nobility, and crystal chandelier is also a symbol of light and hope.

Generally speaking, inside the natural crystal, you can see some fine white lines. Artificial crystals are actually a mixture of sand, potassium carbonate, glass shavings and at least 25 percent lead oxide for crystal chandeliers.

The crystals, or glass, are first cut into small pieces and then polished and polished. The more sections you grind out, the greater the ability to refract light. The main shapes of grinding are: pear shape, half pear shape, star shape, button shape, ball shape, diamond shape, heart shape, octagonal shape, conical shape, flower shape, trapezoid, those transparent, shiny chandeliers, those chains of beads...

These tinkling things hanging from the chandelier are not just decorations, but reflections of lights, a good way to make the room bright.These crystal chandeliers can be made from natural crystals, artificial crystals or glass.

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People think crystal chandelier is clingy to the ceiling, dirt is not easy to enter, actually, when crystal chandelier is lit, can produce a few electromagnetism reaction, the dirt in air is adsorbed easily the most; Light will also attract mosquitoes and other small flying insects drilled into the crystal chandelier lampshade;

In addition, the ceiling can be out of shape because of the bake of crystal chandelier for a long time, form void thereby, let dirt, flying insect enter. Time is long, make light fuzzy easily not only, affect eyesight, IT still can accumulate because of dust overmuch and affect health.

If the lamps and lanterns of chandeliers in the home are not particularly complex, it can clean oneself completely.

Because crystal chandelier is hanged in height, chimney, bulb is broken easily again, so, when disassembling chimney, cooperate as far as possible two people;

Before removal, first turn off the power supply, do not wipe the lamp holder with a wet cloth, to prevent leakage;

When swabbing, can light color cotton socks or double layer bath towel turn over to cover in the hand, light wipe lamps and lanterns.

Do not casually change the structure of lamps and lanterns or replace its components, after cleaning, should be installed as original lamps and lanterns, do not leak installed, wrong installed parts.

According to crystal droplight chimney pledges differ, also have different clean method: cloth qualitative chimney, suck with small cleaner first surface dirt, pour next essence of a few wash clean is swabbed;

If lampshade inside is paper material, should avoid to use detergent directly, prevent damage, wipe with dry cloth can; Frosted crystal chandelier lampshade dip in toothpaste with soft cloth clean, concave and convex place dirt can be wrapped with soft cloth toothpick processing; The bilge on metallic lamp holder, after getting rid of surface dirt first, squeeze a bit of toothpaste to undertake scrubbed in cotton cloth again.

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