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crystal chandelier cleaning and upkeep tips


crystal chandelier 

Maintenance of crystal chandelier

1. regularly clean the crystal chandelier lighting equipment. Lamps and lanterns for a long time did not clean, it's easy to make dust accumulation in the lamp, affect the output efficiency, at least 3 months clean lamps and lanterns.

2. regularly replace the old crystal chandelier tube. Incandescent and day chandelier lamps at 80% of the life of the crystal chandelier, the output beam is reduced to about 85% and replaced before the end of life.

3. the ceiling, wall chooses the crystal chandelier of chandelier department, it can increase the reflection of chandelier, improve the effect of chandelier diffuse to save electric energy.

4. if the dining room is connected with the kitchen, it should pay attention to often wipe the chandelier or crystal chandelier in the dining room with a cloth. Because, the lampblack machine that takes lampblack in the kitchen impossible complete platoon goes the lampblack when stir fry, lampblack accumulates for a long time on the chimney of crystal chandelier, can make lampchandelier effect greatly discount.

5. a few modelling are delicate or the crystal chandelier chimney that insert piece form is more easy collect dust, if not clean regularly, crystal chandelier lamps and lanterns can rust, drop lacquer and influence service life.

6. clean lamps, to ensure that in the case of power off, use a wet cloth to wipe the crystal chandelier lamp body and cover, with a little wax on the towel and wipe again can make your crystal chandelier look brand-new.

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European chandelier cleaning should note the following aspects:


Construction of workbench for chandelier cleaning

In the absence of hydraulic lifts, a simple and safe demerit platform should be built, at the height of the chandelier to be reached by a skilled lifter.

A wipe of chandelier's crystal beads

Make sure to dip a soft cloth in water diluted with dishwashing liquid and gently rub both sides of the chandelier crystal beads (do not pinch the beads downward to avoid tearing the strings).

Keep the chandelier cleaning body balanced

For large chandelier fittings, note the balance of the lamp body when removing the beads. Do not remove one side of the chandelier and remove the other side, causing the lamp body to tilt and deform the chandelier or frame.

It should be disassembled in conjunction with the left and right.

Wiping bracket fitting

When wiping bracket, accessories, soft cloth do not touch water, especially can not touch alcohol water, so as not to wipe the protective film outside the electroplating layer, affect the light on the surface effect.

Pay attention to safe operation

Cut off the power when wiping the lamp holder, and remove and wipe the bulb before putting it on. Screw in the bulb moderately; too loose will cause poor contact, and too tight can screw out crystal chandelier bulbs.

Timely replacement of accessories of crystal chandelier

If the chandelier beads are rusted and discolored, one is not beautiful, and the other is brittle, it is better to exchange them. If bead string defect is found, it should be repaired in time.

Do not rotate the chandelier

When cleaning lamps and lanterns, do not rotate the lamp body, so as not to loose screw teeth, causing unsafe accidents.

Check the link parts

At the same time, check the fastness of the light body connecting parts, found that the screw loose to tighten easily, there is a dangerous spiral teeth to replace immediately, to ensure safety. 

Keep the chandelier's beads flat

When cleaning the bead string (especially the upper and lower part of the pull net), it is found that the bead string is twisted (spring round buckle or ellipse buckle is easy to appear), it should be adjusted to achieve the flat effect;

If it is connected with a flat "bow", note that the front of the buckle should be uniformly outwards, and the interface should be inwards, so as to be beautiful and unified.

Other tips for crystal chandelier

  • If the crystal chandelier is not well maintained, it will not easily become gray and then dark, and will not shine as before.

  • Crystal chandeliers are expensive, so it's important to know how to maintain them.

    Method one:

    Crystal chandelier bright bright surface if dirt, will affect the beauty of the lighting itself.

    When cleaning, you can choose to buy a professional cleaner, and then spray the right amount of cleaner on the crystal pendant, the floating dust of the crystal ball or crystal piece will be taken away with the evaporation of the liquid.

  • Method 2:

    Different crystal chandelier act the role of should treat differently also, what can take apart and wash can take apart a crystal, dip the container that has kerosene inside, wipe crystal surface gently with toothbrush next, after waiting for the dirt of the surface to soften slowly, reoccupy washers powder brushwork crystal block.

  • Method 3:

    The crystal chandelier of different characteristic also wants distinction to treat, some need to wipe the surface grime with antistatic dry cloth only. To avoid fingerprints on crystals, wear white cotton gloves when cleaning.

  • The method that different crystal chandelier maintains is different, you also can consult the characteristic that acts the role of lamp when buying crystal droplight or maintain a method to the business, the knowledge that combines a few oneself place to understand again, mastered maintain a method, can prolong the service life of crystal droplight certainly.

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