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Accentuate the beauty of your hotel corridors with modern indoor wall sconces



Sconces are essentially nothing more than lamps affixed to your walls or furniture. They help in highlighting the room with the direction and intensity of light. Strategically fixing the sconces can change the look and feel of the room drastically. Wall sconces are more favorable, where the aesthetic of the room is more important than the utility. 

Therefore you might not find sconces in a reading room. However, at times, the sconces also play their role in utility as well. Think of the lights placed over a wall painting, which will make the painting stand out manifold. There are many modern indoor wall sconces available in the market today. 

The hotel industry is never shy on spending for a rich aesthetic feel. Hotel lightings is a major domain in the architectural design of the hotel. Right from the lobby to the hallways to the rooms and even the bathrooms, a lot of attention to detail is given with respect to the lighting. It’s the hotel lightings that will actually accentuate the aesthetic of the hotel design in the eyes of the guest. 

The passageways or the corridors of the hotels are most often ignored when it comes to lighting design. What many hotels miss is that as the guest walks in the corridors towards the room, he is actually building up his excitement. In a way preparing him for a delightful stay, he will be using the passageway to reach the restaurant, pool, spa or gym. Each time he passes he should feel the same aura of excitement and entitlement. He might have the best meal in the restaurant or might spend the most rejuvenating time in the spa, or might be feeling refreshed in the swimming pool. The same experience needs to be guaranteed throughout the hotel, especially when he moves from one place to the other.

The walk in the corridor shouldn’t be dull and off-putting at any cost. Since aesthetic is more important here, sconces could be used to highlight the walls of the corridor. Some hotels might have wall paintings or vases in the corridor, which will require specific lighting in specific brightness and angle to look its best. Choosing the best modern indoor wall sconces that blend and perfectly fits into the demand of our corridor design is extremely important.

There are various types of modern indoor wall sconces available in the market. Some of them are Wallchieres, Halfmoon or flush-mounted wall washers, candle sconces, lantern wall sconces, Swing arm wall lights, picture lights, and Sign lights. These sconces can also be classified into three specific types depending on the direction of the light, the up light, down light and all-around. Let’s explore the different types of modern indoor wall sconces available for us to choose from. 

Walchieres are more of a decorative option. Its name comes from a combination of Wall lamps and torchiere floor lamps and is tall, slim and long. They come in a variety of finishes and styles. 

Halfmoon or flush-mounted wall washers are the most commons sconces found. They fit tightly against the wall and come in various styles and design. They can also be characterized by the type and shape of light it casts on the wall. These are mostly used to accentuate the walls and bounce the light to the surroundings of the wall. It might not be an ideal choice for primary lighting. 

Candle sconces, as the name suggests depict the dated period designs. Where the hallways were lit by candles and torches, they could be like mini chandeliers affixed to the wall. Many are repurposing antique candle holders and torches into candle sconces to maintain the feel of the ancient glory. 

Lantern wall sconces are also similar to candle sconces. You will get a lot of options in design, and style. These are more ideal for the outdoor setting especially near the entrances but are also used indoors too. There are known to create a traditional impression in the eyes of your guest.

Swing arm wall lights ideal in the low-lit rooms to provide necessary lighting for reading near the bedside, or near the mirror in the bathroom or the dressing table. Most ideal while shaving or doing your makeup. These light come with the capability of moving it around and adjusting according to your need. When not needed, they can be simplicity be pushed back in place, though this kind of lights faces a lot of damages due to mishandling by the guests. 

Picture lights as the name suggests are used near wall displays like paintings, photographs, wall arts, murals, or near a piece of furniture. The color tones need to complement the artwork and should not overpower the artwork’s appeal. These sconces are particularly small so that it doesn’t take the attention of the viewer away from the artwork.

In a hotel passageway, sign light scone plays a very important role. From clearly marking exits, hotel room boards, directions to lifts and washrooms, etc. The main aim of these lights is to draw the attention of people entering the passageway.  

Hotel lightings play an important role in building the aesthetic value of the hotel design in the eyes of the guest. A beautiful architectural design or artwork is completely wasted if it is not seen in proper lighting. In a way, it is disrespect to the creator of the design or the artwork. These artworks also do not come cheap. So it is important to justify the huge price tag of the artwork with proper hotel lightings. 

So while choosing the best modern indoor wall sconces for your hotel lightings make sure you keep in mind the place and purpose of each fixture. The color tones, brightness and the angle of light need to be studied carefully when choosing the modern indoor wall sconces and their bulbs. You will also have to consider other lighting fixtures around or the amount of daylight expected in the room or the passageway. 

The challenge is how to highlight a particular section of an already well-lit room. Now that we have explored the different types of modern indoor well sconces and their usage, it should be easy for us to understand hotel lightings and choose the best to complement the designs and needs of our hotels.

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