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Crystal Chandelier Introduction From Chandelier Manufacturer


crystal chandelier

In this article, China professional chandelier manufacturer, EME lighting factory brings you full introduction to crystal chandelier. Crystal chandelier is a kind of chandelier made of artificial crystal, with luxuriant, noble characteristics. With unique shape, fashion design, crystal chandelier has a high aesthetic value. Crystal is a symbol of purity and nobility, and crystal chandelier is also a symbol of light and hope. Luxious crystal chandelier decors home beautifully. Crystal chandeliers also contain candle lights, a kind of chandelier made of artificial crystal, with gorgeous, noble features.

Basic info of crystal chandelier:

Generally speaking, inside the natural crystal, you can see some fine white lines. Artificial crystals are actually fired from a mixture of sand, potassium carbonate, glass shavings and at least 25 percent lead oxide. The crystals, or glass, are first cut into small pieces and then polished again and again for crystal chandeliers with fine workmanship. The more sections you grind out, the greater the ability to refract light.The main shapes of grinding are: pear shape, half pear shape, star shape, button shape, ball shape, diamond shape, heart shape, octagonal shape, conical shape, flower shape, trapezoid and so on. Those transparent, shiny pendants, those chains of beads, these tinkling things hanging from the chandelier are not just decorations, but reflections of lights, a good way to make the room bright.These crystal pendants can be made from natural crystals, artificial crystals or glass.

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Types of chandeliers made by chandelier manufacturer

The chandelier is suitable for the living room.

The pattern of chandelier is most, in which, commonly used chandeliers are Europe type candelabra, Chinese style chandelier, crystal chandelier, parchel chandelier fashionable chandelier, conical cover flower lamp, pointed flat cover flower chandelier, 5 fork round ball chandelier, magnolia cover flower chandelier, olive chandelier etc. There are 2 types of chandeliers applicable for interior room, one-head chandelier and two-head chandelier respectively, the former most used for bedroom, canteen, the later for parlor or hotel hallway. Height for crystal chandelier instalation above ground should be more than 2.2 meters.

Types of crystal chandeliers

Variety of crystal chandeliers could be categorized as the followings:

Natural crystal cutting and grinding chandelier, heavy lead crystal blow molding chandelier, low lead crystal blow molding chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier, crystal glass die-casting cutting molding chandelier, crystal glass strip chandelier, copper chandelier.

Sourcing for crystal chandelier? On the below are some tips from China top chandelier manufacturer, EME lighting factory: 

First, safety first, check if the crystal chandelier you're interested in could bear weight in case of any harm caused by fall-off of crystal chandelier.

Second, overal match with interior space, the colour of lamps and lanterns, modelling, style, the style of crystal chandelier that must decorate and furniture indoors is proportional, in peace and harmony with the interior design and style.

On the choice of crystal lamps and lanterns colour, besides in accordance with photograph of indoor colour fundamental key, crystal chandelier buyer also can choose crystal chandelier on the basis of personal preference.

The dimension of crystal chandelier, type and how much coordinated with the condition such as bedroom space size, total area, indoor height, those could be also factored in during crystal chandelier sourcing.

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Note for crystal chandelier installation:

Because crystal chandelier is heavier and more finely designed than other lights, it requires careful installation following the steps.

1. Check the weight of your crystal chandelier. If it weighs almost as much as current lighting, you don't need to replace the ceiling junction box. However, if it is heavier, then you will have to buy and install a new junction box that will support the weight of your crystal chandelier.

2. Disconnect the power plug before chandelier installation.

3. You can start to clean out the old lighting and then notice how it was installed for your new crystal chandelier installation.

4. Install metal supports for crystal chandeliers. Use screws hold the base of crystal chandelier. When the weight of crystal chandelier is more than 3 kg, it should be fixed with embedded hooks or bolts; When the weight of flexible cord pendant lamp is more than 1 kg, you should add a chain for crystal chandelier installation.

5. Hang the other pendants of crystal chandelier respectively.

Designing a suite of rooms requires a lot of attention to detail, and if you're going to install crystal chandeliers, there are a few things you should be aware of. When you hang a crystal chandelier, the general rule is that the bottom should be hung at least 30 to 36 inches from the top of the table. When you are ready to hang it up, be safe and climb the stairs, ask someone to hold it up for you and ask them to help you measure the height of the chandelier. Make sure the height is just high enough to light up your room without interfering with your vision.

To purchase crystal chandelier,you cannot just judge on pattern, you need to see if it suits your room or not.

You don't want to buy a crystal chandelier that doesn't match the size and style of your room. A huge space and a very small chandelier look ridiculous.

There are a few guidelines to follow: if the room is 10'10 'and a chandelier is no more than 20 inches;

For a 12'12 'room, a 26 - to 27-inch chandelier will work, and a 14'14' room can have a 24 - to 36-inch crystal chandelier.

When choosing crystal chandelier, besides choosing proper size, shape crystal chandelier, there are some technical checks to go through.

European crystal chandelier

1. Check whether the number of crystal chandelier pendants is sufficient and whether the position of each pendant ring is equipped with pendants.

2. Check the condition of the crystal pendant of chandelier is good, transparent and shiny, so that it can reflect the light.

3. If parts of chandelier are missing or the chandelier is dirty, ask a professional repairman to assess the cost of cleaning and repair, and ask for a discount on the original selling price.

4. Check whether the copper bracket of crystal chandelier is rusted over the years. If it's with rust, please also carry out rust, polishing and other repair.

5. Check whether the wire of chandelier is intact and unobstructed.

The earliest chandelier wires were wrapped in cotton thread, which may have been damaged or leaking electricity, so be careful to replace them as soon as possible. How to choose and buy crystal chandelier? There are more and more families that install glittering and translucent chandeliers.

Look out for brand logos crystal chandelier, if you're looking for a high-caliber chandelier manufacturer, EME lighting factory is absolutely recommended. EME lighting is a top notch taking the lead in oem & odm chandelier in international market. The crystal chandelier of different brands, quality and price can differ very much from one to another chandelier manufacturer. Some famous brand is to assure its quality, in case chandelier mixed by other similar brands, chandelier can be engraved on the face of each crystal adornment brand mark, which only needs you to identify clearly carefully.

Pendant specification for chandelier has exquisite standards:

Whether the pendant specification of crystal chandelier is unified, it matters greatly. Crystal chandelier can bloom the light that gives dazzling, which generates luxuriant and exalted temperament, without a doubt, all rely on a suit to run through the string of glittering and translucent pendant, if the pendant of layer superposition is big small bodily form is different, that is bound to affect the show of integral aesthetic feeling of crystal chandelier.

Some imitate the hole that crystal droplight pendant is acted the role of if not standard, return easy crack, if the pendant of crystal droplight falls from smallpox, it can cause a threat to the safety of family.

Crispness, transparency are not ambiguous

The crystal chandelier on the market generally starts with a price of 1000 yuan. Among them the producing area of crystal and purity are the main factor that causes price difference, crystal also is a kind of glass actually, it is a kind of lift pure article, press the discretion that its contain lead content and the price differs somewhat. So, when you are buying crystal chandelier, the crispness that is about to pass crystal carefully and diaphaneity, will identify quality good crystal.

You can choose boutique chandeliers on emelighting.com and the price is lower than that on the market. If you worry about quality problems, you can choose a good reputation, praise the shop to buy, say EME lighting factory, there are a lot of guide to buy chandelier from the website whose recommended chandelier is good, credibility.

How to choose crystal chandelier:

Sitting room space besides, you should have large absorb dome light and common floodlight outside, still you can add a few small crystal chandelier to serve as adjust atmosphere to use, even if be in the home, also you can enjoy the taste of romantic home like a hotel decored with beautiful chandelier, which can lift your mood. Different modelling of chandeliers also can have different effect, the reflection of this kind of effect is about to rely on, the style of the crystal chandelier that we choose.

If you want your chandelier to have the effect that decorates a home in the daytime, that had better be to choose a few compare beautiful, gorgeous color of chandelier that let your surroundings more full of vigor. The crystal chandelier reflected the sunlight coming into the home and sprinkled the floor with bright spots. With the dreamlike warmth of night, night is day, day is night. The crystal chandelier of these model cabinet, itself is a beautiful scenery line.

In fact, many things do not become valuable because of their own value, just like home, home, in fact, anywhere can be home, but there is no sense of home, because we regard home as the harbor of our heart, we give home value, so home becomes valuable. Everything is the same, whether it's a crystal chandelier or an ancestral jade bracelet. In the eyes of others, it is just a common thing, but in your eyes, it is not the same. So a warm home, given their own feelings, no matter what is warm. In the eyes of outsiders is simple, even simple, but as long as you decide to be happy.


Cleaning and maintenance methods for crystal chandelier:

A. Construction of work table: If there is no oil-pressure automatic elevator, A simple and safe working platform that can be degraded should be built, and the platform should be lifted by people standing on it

The crystal chandelier with peculiar shape: Master can reach the highest point of the light body.

B. Wipe the crystal beads: when wiping the beads, make sure that the soft cloth is stained with water diluted by detergent and gently wipe the beads on the front and back at the same time (do not hold the beads and pull them down to avoid tearing the beads strings).

C. Keep the balance of the crystal chandelier body: If the beads of crystal chandelier are to be removed and cleaned, large crystal chandelier lamps should pay attention to the balance of the lamp body when removing the beads. Do not remove one side and then the other side and cause the tilt of the lamp body, resulting in deformation of the lamp body or outer frame;

The disassembly of crystal chandelier should be matched front and back and left and right.

D. Wipe bracket accessories of crystal chandelier: when wiping bracket and accessories, soft cloth should not touch water, especially alcohol water, so as not to rub the protective film outside the electroplating layer and affect the bright effect on the surface of the lamp holder.

E. Pay attention to crystal chandelier safe operation: cut off the power supply when wiping holder of crystal chandelier;

Light bulbs of crystal chandelier must also be removed and wiped clean before being put back on;

Light bulb screw in to moderate, too loose, it will produce bad contact; Too tight and you might screw out the bulb.

F. Timely replacement of accessories: if the beaded connection buckle is found to be rusty or discolored, it is not beautiful and easy to crack. It is better to replace it conveniently;

If bead string defect is found, it should be repaired in time.

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Matters entail attention

A. Do not rotate crystal chandelier body: do not rotate the lamp body when cleaning the crystal chandelier, so as to avoid loose screw teeth and unsafe accidents.

B. Check the connecting parts: check the fastness of the connecting parts of the lamp body at the same time. If the screws are loose, tighten them easily and replace the spiral thread with teeth at risk to ensure safety.

C. Keep the bead string flat: when cleaning the bead string (especially the upper and lower part of the dragnet), it is found that the bead string is twisted (spring round buckle or ellipse buckle is easy to appear), and the bead string should be adjusted to achieve the flat effect; If it is connected with a flat "bow", note that the front of the buckle should be facing outwards, and the joint should be facing inwards, so as to be beautiful and unified.

Safe operation for crystal chandelier:

A. Large crystal chandelier cleaning, maintenance, because often need to work high in the air, must pay attention to the safety of staff, work platform and safety of lamps and lanterns.

Generally, you only need to clean it once or twice a year to keep it bright as new and charming.

B. The light bulb replacement: In the cleaning process, such as replacing the bulb, it is recommended to choose famous brand products with good quality and long life, so as to avoid the problem of "the East is not bright and the West is bright", affecting the appearance, also for the crystal chandelier with peculiar shape.

C. Crystal bead dust removal: if conditions permit, low-grade crystal beads used to be selected, you may consider changing to high quality crystal beads;

The surface of high quality crystal beads has dustproof processing technology, not easy to dust, better effect.

D. Refurbishment of lamp stands: truly electroplated 24K gold lamp stands can generally remain unfaded for five years or longer;

Consider turning over the electricity again after 5 years, have brand-new feeling namely.

E. Regular inspection: the safety and stability of lamps hanging in important positions or in places with more people coming and going should be the first priority.

Headlights often weigh hundreds of kilograms, in case of degradation, the consequences are unimaginable.

Therefore, should regularly send people to check hidden in the smallpox embedded parts and load-bearing hooks, chains, to prevent aging without detection, lead to accidents.

F. Timely update: If possible, the performance of the inner wire should be checked at the same time to see if it is in good condition. If it is found to be sticky or old, it should be replaced immediately to ensure safety.

G. Professional maintenance: large lamps and lanterns, complex circuit (there are classified lights), it is best to hire lighting company's professional and technical personnel to clean, maintenance, the cost is not much, easy to repair and safe and reliable.

This article is contributed by EME lighting factory, adept at OEM & ODM crystal chandelier since its foundation in 2004. Welcome to stay tuned for latest crystal chandelier.  

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