The development of lighting companies in 2009: to regain confidence in the market

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-15


Recently, the financial crisis from the United States has become more and more obvious to the industry. In the face of various difficulties, our wall sconce industry has not been depressed. In the many companies that I have contacted, most of the company’s leading figures remain in the future. With a positive and optimistic attitude, I am full of confidence in 2009.

Recently, the industry has been rumored that most of the parts factories will be on holiday in advance due to the economic downturn. In order to understand the truth, the author visited several accessory markets near Dengdu, and more than 80% of the respondents told the author that the passenger flow in December had Obviously, the business is much better than that in November. As for the time of the holiday, they said that due to the recent busy business, the holiday time is still uncertain, and it is estimated to be similar to the previous years. It is not surprising that another part of the parts factory has nothing to do in advance due to poor management or other reasons.

Lamps are consumables. Compared with other industries, the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on the lighting industry is still relatively small. The feedback from the terminal market shows that a number of laymen are gradually entering the wall sconce industry, which fully shows that The lighting industry still has unlimited business opportunities.

China is a big manufacturing country and has made great contributions to the world in lighting manufacturing. More than 60% of the products in the US wall sconce market come from China. In recent years, mature export-oriented lighting companies are no longer willing to marry others. In order to build their own brands and to enhance their ability to resist risks, most companies have taken both internal and external considerations as their development policy. In 2008, the US financial turmoil spread to the whole world, and the international market changed rapidly. Most export-oriented enterprises were overwhelmed and accelerated the process of export-oriented enterprises to domestic sales. As we all know, foreign companies have very strict requirements on the appearance and quality of lighting products, and have created a large number of export enterprises with large scale, standardized management, perfect equipment, high-tech and advanced design concepts. Their successful transformation has brought to the domestic lighting industry. A fresh air has also stimulated a large number of domestic enterprises to actively improve product quality and embark on the road of standardization, scale and intensive management.

In the process of visiting lighting companies, the author also learned that many manufacturers said that among the new dealers around them, there are not many investors who have transferred from other industries. A marketing director of a company told the author that the lighting professional dealers are conservative. In comparison, they prefer to cooperate with these newly-entered foreigners. They are well-funded and clear-cut. They are more aware of the value of the brand and have better marketing concepts. Injecting fresh blood into the end market will also boost the branding of the terminal to a new level. Let manufacturers, distributors and consumers fully enjoy the benefits of branded operation.

Planning the development of 2009, the general concept of business leaders is: First of all, we must re-establish market confidence! Among the dozens of companies visited by the reporters, most of them expressed their confidence in the prospects of the lighting industry in 2009. They think that the outside wind is blowing, we can’t believe it all. When the financial crisis broke out in 1998, the wind was terrifying. In fact, the impact on China is not great. All walks of life are smooth and we are full of confidence in the socialist market economy under the leadership of the Communist Party!

In the current situation, enterprises must adjust their mentality, and there will be competition to develop. Without competition, they can only stay in place. The most important thing is to establish the confidence of the terminal market as soon as possible! I have summarized the following measures. The main measures they will take are as follows: First, it is appropriate to give profits to dealers, manufacturers to share the dilemma; second, help dealers carefully plan some promotional activities in various markets, reduce dealer inventory At the same time, increase brand awareness; third, strengthen communication, use rational analysis to let dealers see good prospects, stabilize the military; Fourth, properly invest in advertising, use facts to prove the strength of enterprises to end customers, consumers Fifth, accelerate product innovation and innovation, and introduce more competitive and vital products, as a new year gift from manufacturers to distributors and consumers.

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