Reveal: the 'five hidden rules' of the lighting industry are warned

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-12


 In today's results-oriented world of social values, as long as the goal is achieved, many people can indiscriminately ingest and reach. In fact, such thinking and behavior can easily be mistaken into a minefield, because the expansion of selfish desires is contrary to nature. Laws and rules, like wild horses that are dislocated, accidentally slammed the mines in the rush, or fell into the cliff. Any industry has its own way. We analyze the unspoken rules of the industry. We don’t want to touch the nerves of certain enterprises or industries. We hope to sort out and standardize the problems in the industry, and warn them to some extent. Corrected.

 Here are some of the current status of the lighting industry. I don't know if they are called the so-called unspoken rules, but at least they can present some problems from the surface, touching the cognition and senses of some people.

 First, plagiarism

 Reveal: the five hidden rules of the wall sconce industry are warned

 In the lighting industry, the so-called original spirit is just a good expectation. Many companies start from imitation to development, and they form an inherent inertia regardless of thinking and production. If the scale of the enterprise is small, it will sneak out the products of domestic counterparts; if the scale of the enterprise is slightly larger, they may extend their sense of touch to their foreign counterparts, so that the Milan  Exhibition will maintain a high degree of vigilance and prevention for the Asians participating in the exhibition. These products produced by plagiarism are the same as a child born to a mother. The illegitimate child and the main room are all carved out by a model. It is naturally difficult to distinguish each other.

 Second, the virtual high price

 The false high price is not an open secret among the insiders. The lighting product itself is not a circulation type stereotyped product. It may have a little bit of home art, so it is difficult for dealers or manufacturers to achieve the price. . This provides manufacturers and dealers with a space to play. In the ancient town, if you buy the lamps at the price tag on the label, then you are absolutely a fool. According to friends in the industry, the price tag is just a scorpion, the price of more than 1000 lights, you can take the fraction of it may be the actual price. According to this statement, it can be imagined how much the so-called price is so much. In fact, the virtual high price is not just the manufacturer, the dealer also draws the gourd.

 Third, buy lights without installation, after-sales service is not guaranteed

  products are characteristic products. Installation may require professional installation to achieve results and not to be damaged. These have become a means for sellers to restrict the purchase of lamps to some extent to make extra profits.  products have always had the problem of lack of after-sales service system. This is a tool that manufacturers and dealers link to better serve consumers, but it has finally become an accomplice to extract consumer interests.

 Fourth, energy-saving lamps for saving money, virtual standard power.

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