Looking at the domestic lighting brand, investing in entrepreneurship and getting rich dreams

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-23


In 2010, under the Expo and low-carbon exposure of the Expo, LED became the most dazzling star in the lighting industry, and energy-saving lamps have also climbed the market, and energy-saving lighting has also forced traditional lighting. Looking at these phenomena, the upgrade of lighting lighting has also become an upgrade of the lighting industry.  consumption has also ushered in the opportunity of rapid development under such an environment. Brands, services and lighting brands have become the new favorite of the market, and the franchise chain has become the most in the lighting industry. The main business model.

After years of development in the home appliance industry, urban artillery marketing has already stabilized consumption. If so, it will move to the countryside and open up the rural market through the policy of home appliances to the countryside.

When it comes to the domestic appliance industry, how many brands, and how many stores, it is impossible to investigate, but this industry is so big enough to inspire the lighting industry. The development of the entire industry requires thousands of hypermarkets and specialty stores to operate.

Speaking of the domestic appliance industry, because the final attributes of the home appliance industry and the lighting industry are home. Compared with home appliances, lighting can be described as a new born cow. Whether it is from the comprehensive market of the whole industry or economic consumption alone, the lighting industry is a new industry compared to the home appliance industry. Of course, lighting has experienced more than a decade of development. With the personality and fashion development of home decoration, lighting consumption is also rapidly increasing.

franchisees can't do it.

Looking at the domestic lighting brand, EME is an early business model for franchising. After three years of investment, there are already hundreds of dealers. Many dealers are doing lighting business and found their own business and wealth. opportunity.

With the improvement of the economic level, the wholesale market of lamps, lighting cities and lighting stores are growing rapidly. This also indicates that the development of the lighting market is in urgent need of large-scale wall sconce cities and lighting stores to develop, and the lighting chain is just satisfied, the whole market. Development needs.
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