Lights and lights are the first to encounter 'cold winter' Can government-enterprise cooperation solve problems?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-24


 With the strengthening of resources and environment constraints and the intensification of competition in domestic and foreign markets, the lighting industry is facing severe challenges. At present, the emergence of the dilemma and the promotion of the lighting industry has become a new topic facing the new leadership team and enterprises of the ancient town government. As a government, how can we help enterprises cope with the economic crisis and get out of the dilemma? How to promote the development of China's lighting capital brand and realize the gorgeous turn of the ancient town lighting industry upgrade? With these urgent problems to be solved, the ancient town government appointed party committee member Guo Jing'an, the town Zhang Huifang, assistant to the office, Huang Zhitong, director of the Economic and Trade Office and the Science and Technology Commission, and a number of researchers, conducted research on a number of enterprises in the town. On September 20th, accompanied by Peng Weiming, president of the  Appliance Professional Committee of the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong, the reporter ushered in the investigation of the town leaders in the conference room of Qi Lijia .

 Guzhen First encounters cold winter Enterprise survives in the crack

 In the past two years, the entire wall sconce industry has experienced a downturn, coupled with the impact of the Shunda incident last year, Guzhen lighting companies can be described as worse. On the one hand, on the one hand, the global economic downturn, the demand for the lighting market has shrunk, and the number of orders has dropped sharply. On the other hand, due to factors such as the appreciation of the renminbi, the increase in labor costs, and the adjustment of export tax rebate policies, the lighting enterprises are not producing or operating. The certainty is greatly enhanced. In addition, the successive implementation of the EU's WEEE, RoHS and EUP green environmental protection directives has caused some SMEs with backward conditions to suspend their exports to Europe for technical or economic reasons, resulting in a sharp drop in export batches. On the one hand, domestic sales are affected by the national housing loan policy and the cost of raw materials. The cost of products has risen rapidly, and the market price has been shrinking. The manufacturers in the middle of the business chain are particularly upset.

 It is reported that EME has come to the development of ancient town since 2004 and has already passed many years. EME has also been in the lighting industry for many years, witnessing the whole process of the ancient town from a small fishing village into a lighting capital. The Qili home lighting he established was also one of the lighting companies established earlier in the ancient town. EME said that this is the first winter encountered in the lighting industry of Guzhen. The depression in the lighting industry of Guzhen is unprecedented in his life, and it is deeply understood as the home lighting of the hometown, especially the rare earth. The price increase problem has caused the cost of lighting for the Qili home to increase by 7%. However,due to the fear of losing customer resources, there is no increase in sales of homogeneous products. According to statistics, compared with the same period of last year, the sales volume of Qi Li’s products is not much different. However, the amount of profit has dropped significantly. Now the Qili home lighting, and even a lot of domestic sales companies can be said to survive in the cracks.

Chamber of Commerce hand in hand to explore the road

 Qi Lijia, as a Jiangxi enterprise that has been operating for many years, has maintained close communication with the Appliance Branch of the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong. Its development and difficulties have always been the focus of the Chamber of Commerce. Peng Weiming said that there are currently more than 500 Jiangxi enterprises in Guzhen, which operate across multiple industries, among which there are more lightings and accessories. As an important bridge between the government and enterprises, the Chamber of Commerce has the function of transferring the government's work and ideas to the company for communication. It can provide and reflect the difficulties and opinions of the company to the government. Guo Jingan made an opinion on the Chamber of Commerce. The exchanges between enterprises and the industry cannot be limited to the same chamber of commerce. Instead, they must jump out and communicate with some large enterprises, chambers of commerce and associations in the town or even outside the town. This is very important. In addition, the participation of the government and industry organizations, the Chamber of Commerce should strongly support and promote enterprises to participate in the exhibition, this self-presentation of enterprises is very important, because many dealers know the enterprise through the channels of participation, so as to see the real development of the industry, Can provide yourself with a good display platform to achieve better goods than goods. In this regard, Zeng Jianhua expressed his strong approval and support: Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce also often organizes us to participate in exhibitions, events, exchanges between chambers of commerce and chambers of commerce, giving them a sense of other companies and marketing talents, and giving them mutual learning. Space.

 The government guides the development of Guzhen lighting brand
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