LED lights gradually enter the modern home improvement industry, reasonable promotion of brand competitive advantage

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-11


 After years of development, the lighting industry has already formed a professional and systematic logistics system, as well as a modern e-commerce platform. For most lighting companies, creating lighting brands and expanding market scale have become an inevitable form of rapid development of the current lighting industry. Brand awareness ultimately depends on the company's long-term accumulation and growth. From the practical point of view of consumers, it is the need of brand building. Experts said that while considering energy saving and fashion, modern lighting products should pay more attention to wall sconce cleaning and safety issues.

EME as one of secretary-general of the China Building Decoration Association's Residential Decoration Committee, calculated an account. Last year, the output value of China's decoration industry was 2 trillion yuan, and lighting accounted for 10%-20%, that is, 100 billion-200 billion yuan. This market is very Big. According to Zhang Ren, the lighting industry is closely tied to the decoration industry. LED lights gradually enter the modern home improvement, and the market feedback continues to improve, and will eventually occupy an important position in the decoration industry.

 LED lights gradually enter the modern home improvement industry, reasonable promotion of brand competitive advantage

EME believes that LED dining table chandelier source is a high-tech, new dining table chandelier source, which has different directionality, controllability and color adjustment. When entering the general lighting field, it should not be limited to traditional alternative lamps. The first stage may be to replace the table lamp type and install it directly on the current lamp. In the future, it may become more comfortable, more artistic, more environmentally friendly, and more widely used. At present, the upstream of the industry is our weakness. How to make our application drive the development of the middle and upper reaches is a problem that needs to be considered now. 

 The majority think that the lighting source used to be a single function, and now it carries the needs of art and fashion. It can be a piece of art, and green lighting is more popular in this industry. Modern home decoration emphasizes art, fashion, fashion, health, environmental protection, and low carbon. At the same time, the national industrial policy is to build a two-type society, energy conservation and emission reduction. Green lighting is mainly semiconductor lighting, which is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and energy-saving and power-saving. As long as the propaganda is in place, the designers fully promote the construction units, and the owners are willing to accept them. The market prospect is very broad. It is in this context that lighting fixtures companies are faced with a shift from a traditional marketing model to a new cross-border marketing model.

 According to the organizer, EME LIGHTING CO., LTD. held this exchange meeting to build a convenient consultation platform for consumers. Here, consumers are not only intuitively in touch, understanding lighting products, but also can communicate with many famous interior designers to understand the latest trends in home improvement. Through this exchange, consumers have a better understanding of how to choose lighting and home improvement companies. With the rapid growth of the LED lighting industry, many lighting companies have entered the field of LED lighting. With the rapid development of the economy, China's lighting lighting market has good prospects, and the home lighting industry will really turn from the dining table chandelier source era to the lighting era.

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