LED lighting industry 'anti-flicker guide'

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-27

There are EME in ancient times and the existing cottage. When EME is advancing with the times, it is presumed that their fickle means of ecstasy is more brilliant. As an anti-flicker expert, the author has brought a variety of anti-flicker guides for everyone. Today, the author once again unveiled the four common ways of flicking in the LED industry, and will take the road of anti-flicker to the end, let's take a look!

 Anti-flicking, we have to polish our eyes and how long we have a few hearts. Let us together to puncture the four major ignorance of the LED lighting industry:

 1, buy a lamp only buy dining table chandelier frame dining table chandelier source self-match

 In the phenomenon that various phenomena appear in some old dealers, they carefully calculate, in order to maximize profits, the table lamp holder and the dining table chandelier source are bought separately. Since the lamp holder involves electroplating, hardware, welding, etc., it is difficult for dealers to get it, so they start with other accessories to effectively reduce costs.

 2, the price is too high seems to be selling clothes

 Perhaps you are used to the chaotic price of the clothing industry in life, but when you walk into the wall sconce industry, please remember that this unspoken rule applies.

 The lighting products themselves are not stereotyped products, there are some artistic tastes, and there is no uniform standard for the price, so it is difficult for manufacturers to clearly mark the price. In this case, mark a high price and then give you a discount. If you quote a real price, then customers who are used to discounts will insist that you discount. According to industry sources, the actual price of a table lamp with a price of more than 1,000 is several hundred. In fact, the price of the virtual high does not know the manufacturer to do so, some dealers also draw the gourd.

 3, energy-saving lamps virtual standard power raises the price

 In the field of energy-saving lamps, almost every company has produced the so-called three primary colors, all of which indicate that the mercury content is less than that. However, the actual situation is different. It is more clear that some manufacturers falsely report power, and six watts are said to be ten watts. The tile is said to be fifteen watts. The higher the wattage, the higher the price. Anyway, ordinary people generally do not measure in person, and measurement requires professional tools. In the increasingly fierce competition, false reporting power has become another means for companies to increase profits.

 4, buy lights do not package installation after-sales service is not guaranteed

 In order to achieve the effect of damage, lighting products are best installed by professionals. In order to reduce after-sales service, dealers have saved a lot of money. After-sales service was originally a tool for manufacturers and customers to exchange, and eventually became a weapon for consumers.

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