How fast is LED lighting close to e-commerce?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-27


Last year's double 11-day cat Alipay total turnover was 35.519 billion. In the same period, there are also well-known online malls such as Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Gome Online, Amazon, Yixun, No. 1 shop, etc. Only double 11 will create many sales myths. But it must be a skyrocketing unimaginable in the traditional retail industry. It is understood that the double eleven Op , Chau Ming Hanyuan, Oduo and other lighting brands have exceeded 10 million mark, Op has topped the list with sales of 60.18 million, and Chau Ming Hanyuan ranked second with 21.42 million.

 How fast is LED lighting close to e-commerce?

 LED wall sconce: Do you have no way to live without e-commerce?

 In the face of the fierce Internet e-commerce tide, what should LED lighting companies do to continue to move forward in accordance with the original traditional production or operation methods? Is it to enter the e-commerce field to meet the new Internet business model? The traditional business uses the e-commerce model to open up new markets? Or ……? How to increase sales and profits, survive in the competition and stand out!

 LED related research report 2014-2018 China high-brightness LED industry market depth research and development trend forecast research report

 June 2014, 2014-2018 China LED disinfection table lamp industry market research and investment prospects consulting report 2014-2018 China LED digital dining table chandelier tube enterprise IPO listing plan and in-depth research consulting report 2014-2018 China LED, chip, display industry Market Status Survey and Investment Strategy Research 123 Undoubtedly, we have entered the Internet era and are advancing rapidly towards the mobile Internet era.

 The life of modern people has been closely related to the Internet. Even some enterprises and people regard the Internet as the foundation of their survival, just like their own lives. With rapid development, the Internet and mobile Internet will go deeper into all aspects of our work and life. Now, in addition to the centralized procurement of enterprises and some bulk items and special commodities, most of the other products can be purchased online, and the logistics can be directly sent to the door of the house. Some operating networks can also be placed in the morning, and can be received in the afternoon or evening. The amazing speed of the goods. In recent years, the global economy has been frustrated, domestic real estate has been regulated, and the impact of e-commerce on traditional enterprises has caused most traditional enterprises to feel great pressure on their operations.
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