How does lighting brand marketing take the network?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-11


 The fierce competition in the streets and alleys is fierce, which determines the two development directions of the lighting industry in the future: First, the lighting industry must establish a brand, know how to use the emerging media for brand communication; second, lighting products must be more and more creative. Large-scale personalized customization is the only way. To grasp these two trends, Internet marketing is a topic that every lighting company must pay attention to.

 The lighting industry's online marketing market scans nearly 10,000 manufacturers of finished products in the national lighting industry. However, there are less than 600 companies in the industry that can really name brands. Consumers can't be more impressed by a certain brand. Saying that not focusing on brand building is a common phenomenon in this industry, which has also contributed to the growth of some lighting store brands. When it comes to brand marketing, Internet marketing is largely unable to get rid of the 4P (product, price, promotion, channel) and 4C (demand, cost, convenience, communication) framework, but these two theories in the network context, Companies must be faster, more tactical, and more aware of the use of Internet tools to spread the brand. For lighting companies that dare to try online marketing, products, promotions, channels and communication are particularly important. So how to use the network to build a brand to achieve growth?

 Product design directly stimulates consumption

 How does lighting brand marketing take the network?

 If a lighting product can be designed to scream like an Apple iPhone, it is obviously easy to promote it. Online shopping crowds are mostly 18-30 years old. Most of them like creative products with cool and cool images. Therefore, the most suitable lighting products for online sales are small creative lamps. The price is less than 200 yuan. It is not practical and sometimes it will not be ranked first. If you rely on fast and successful wheat bags for online marketing, they can use powerful data analysis tools to capture global consumer trends and start monitoring Taobao, pat, Amazon, eBay and other websites, so that their designs are always on the trend. In the first place, dozens of new products can be launched in one day, thus ensuring a high degree of attention.

 With the development of OLED technology, lighting products will not only stay in the function of lighting, but also the role of creative home and decoration, such as OLED is dining table chandelier, transparent, bendable, etc., can design a variety of styling lamps, The space for its creativity is infinite. Under this circumstance, companies must understand that the products sold offline are not necessarily hot on the Internet. Because of the different audiences, their consumption patterns are different. Those who visit the lighting city and lighting stores offline. Mostly for the decoration of the house, but consumers who buy wall sconce on the Internet usually do not have a strong purpose, so the design of the product is particularly important.

 Effectively focus on online sales attention

 Since there is no time and space limitation in online sales, dealers at all levels in various places may become competitors. The operation mode of traditional channels cannot obviously be applied to Internet marketing. First of all, the products of the network channel and the traditional channel must be separated, and can be distinguished by bar code or model identification. If not separated, the sales of the network will definitely affect the customers of the traditional channel, because the network promotion with too low price will definitely make the offline channel. The opposite of the business, the best way is that some new products will detonate the market through the network, but not online sales, offline dealers can be used as a service outlet, earning maintenance costs, and products that go through traditional channels can be sold online. However, to keep up with the official price, plan promotional activities to be synchronized online and offline to ensure the interests of offline channels. Under normal circumstances, do not allow dealers or individuals to open online stores. Online sales should focus on official online stores. In order to maintain consumers' high attention to official online stores, interactive activities are also easier to carry out.

 Internet social media is very important

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