Hefei landscape lighting will disable neon lights

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-18


 According to the Hefei Evening News, 160,000 street lamps and more than 200,000 landscape lights on the streets of Hefei have basically realized green dining table chandelier sources. However, how to make so many green lamps more energy-efficient is the next step. On the morning of July 4th, Hefei Office revealed that the “Hefei Urban  Design Guidelines” will be completed soon, and will provide a housekeeper for the lighting design and construction of large construction projects in the future.

 Make green wall sconce more standardized

 In the past, Hefei did not have design guidelines for urban lighting, so green lighting also has some areas that are not fully regulated. According to the relevant person in charge of the Hefei  Office, for example, some landscape lamps near public buildings directly damage the facade of the building and destroy the overall light effect. This situation should be avoided; some street lamps are used despite The green lighting fixtures, but the power is too large, often exceeds the standard, or will form a waste.

 In order to further standardize the city's urban lighting management, according to the urban lighting energy-saving standards of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Municipal  Office launched the first 'Hefei City  Design Guidelines'. It is understood that the first guidelines will include urban lighting design principles, lighting equipment selection and other content. It includes many types of ordinary roads, street lighting, and elevated bridges involved in the construction of large buildings. It is also necessary to design tunnel wall sconce specifications for subways under construction in Hefei.

 The person in charge of the City  Office said that in the second half of the year, Hefei will continue to eliminate high-power and low-efficiency lighting products. In the road lighting, it is forbidden to use multi-light source but no light-control lamps, and it is strictly prohibited to use neon lights in landscape lighting. High-power lamps.

 Street lights must have an ID card

 The reporter also learned from the City Office that nearly 90% of Hefei now has automatic control of street lights. The main and secondary roads in the urban area have basically achieved full coverage of remote monitoring and start-up, and more than 300 small streets and lanes will be adjusted according to travel conditions in the future.

 In the future, Hefei plans to promote urban lighting information supervision system in the city. In the future, the basic information and energy consumption of Hefei lighting facilities can be seen at a glance, and flexible control of lighting combination changes and illumination changes can be realized to further reduce energy consumption. The city has not done this yet, it can be said that it is an innovation. In the first half of the year, some areas in Hefei are actively promoting the identity management of street lamps. This measure will be gradually promoted throughout the city, so that all street lamps have their own ID cards. Hefei City Office experts said.

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