vintage neon signs in metro vancouver

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-14
Some of the old neon signs lost in recent years: Voli Burger, dafin Hotel, Seymour billiards, Niagara hotel, Ho-
Ho restaurant, Dragon Inn Restaurant, Lao grocery store, Drake Hotel, Miller & Co. , Normandy restaurant, Eagle Time taxi, Burrard motel, Pacific Hotel, Blackstone Hotel B. C. Collateral (“77 Loans”)
Flamingo motel, roselown funeral Church (Surrey).
Some of the historic neon signs are still there: Hastings Street: Woodward (
Flags that are being rebuilt and backed up), Save-on-
Only meat in seafood and Blue Eagle Restaurant (
Closed business, marked)
Washington hotel, Balmoral Hotel, Queens Hotel, Ashada cafe, Patricia Hotel, Ted Harris paint (
Closed business, marked)
Hotel, Dayton Boots, Bob\'s Sporting Goods, Helen\'s children\'s wear (
Now it\'s called Highland after it\'s near benabi. )
Granville Street: Dunne tailor Hotel, comodor ballroom, Orpheum Theatre, Fashion Theatre, Regal Hotel, Yale Hotel, Cecil Hotel, Pitman business school, Stanley Theatre, mapole
Other regions: $ meat store (Chinatown)
, Penthouse, Sylvia, Kingston, Winters, tropical motel, blani Stone, Barclays grocery store, 2400 court Grandview tobacco store, Grandview Lane, Ritchie Theatre (
Old Star Zhou signed), Round-Up Cafe (Surrey)
Chrome furniture of Martin (Coquitlam)
Salvation Army (North Vancouver).
Some neon lights in Vancouver Museum Collection: Noble Restaurant, smiling Buddha song and dance show, Jesus, light of the world, silver BBQ Cafe, Mac billiards, Acadia ballroom, ray TV, American hotel, owl medicine, regent tailor, Logger\'s employment agency.
Jmackie @ swiversun.
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