Villa stairs hollow copper chandelier recommended

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
Generally speaking, for duplex houses with large residential area, there will be staircase design. The stairwell is also a place that cannot be ignored in the decoration. Many people will choose to install chandeliers in the stairwell. There are all kinds of styles on the market to choose from. Today, snooker House recommends 2 Hollow all-copper chandeliers for Villa stairs. The simple modern style of stair all-copper chandeliers are highly praised by people. The area of the staircase of the villa is relatively large, and the demand for lighting is relatively large, second, it is also a place for important decoration of the whole villa. This SZ50701- 16 is a very versatile style, modern, simple and elegant, no extra decoration, is a simple white frosted glass lampshade, bronze lamp body, different specifications can be selected according to different floors and areas. At the same time, this stair all-copper chandelier is also the choice of many customers. Villa stair chandelier is definitely right. If it is a luxurious villa, it may be more suitable to choose a gorgeous staircase all-copper chandelier. SD50768- 12 is a gorgeous chandelier, like the feeling of the classical European court, the classic luxury crystal pendant, emitting dazzling light, the crystal ball of the middle column is also the finishing touch, the graceful copper wall is as soft as an elegant dancer.
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