Tips for choosing full copper lamps for home decoration

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
With the increasing popularity of all-copper lamps, many people choose all-copper lamps for decoration, but some people don't know much about all-copper lamps, even have no concept, want to buy, but have no way to start, and don't know how to choose at all. Today, I will take you to know some tips on choosing all copper lamps for home decoration. First, the size, choose a suitable full copper lamp, the size is the key element. Do not choose blindly when purchasing, you need to choose according to our space area. Generally, small living rooms under 12 square meters usually choose all-copper ceiling lamps or all-copper semi-chandeliers under 200, while living rooms under 15 square meters usually choose all-copper ceiling lamps or all-copper chandeliers with a diameter of 300. Second, the choice of safety all copper lamps, we must first look at the manufacturer's warranty and certificate and other related certificates are complete, can not covet cheap, otherwise accidentally choose inferior products, it will regret. Third, carefully check that most of the copper lamps are made of glass. After a long period of transportation, there will be damage and crushing Deformation. We must carefully check, because the copper lamp is not only used for lighting, at the same time, it also plays a decorative role, so if there are some defects and damages in the appearance of lamps, the decorative effect of all-copper lamps will be seriously affected. Fourth, style selection, we choose a suitable full copper lamp, but also need to choose according to the decoration style, European style decoration to choose European style full copper lamp, the American style decoration chooses the corresponding American style all-copper lamp. You must not wear it, otherwise it will look messy.
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