The sitting room the bedroom lamps and lanterns choosing tips

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-18
Ramble now lighting city, large range of lamps and lanterns flowers for charming eyes, and on how hotel crystal chandelier for each room to pick a suitable good light, is in decorating a process we must have a good study of a subject. Make the sitting room changed in contemporary household pluralism, the sitting room is not only the reception guests, leisure recreation and master of heaven and earth, I can also when av audio-visual paradise of the family. Thus, if the lamp of the sitting room is invariable chandeliers in the traditional sense, is a little bad. The ideal living room lights, with the change of situation changes. Hotel crystal droplight when the guest is soft yellow light, build the relaxed atmosphere of the two sides exchange; Leisure rest while reading, need the faint blue, make blundering mood slowly precipitation during the day, eliminate exhaustion of a day; Video to enjoy two people world, of course, it is best to romantic purple, light like have if have no, the excellence of the film is no longer important, and favorite people embrace, in the light of dream to meet every morning is the most happiness thing. Figure in the bedroom light for the bedroom can't be too bright, otherwise his sleepiness. Its claim to the light is downy, hotel crystal droplight of warm, can help us relax well, into the dream, so the lamps and lanterns is more play the role of decoration of the bedroom. Crystal beads bed headlights, downy light under the refraction of crystal hazy, must have a mistress's love; Lighting at night a night light, porcelain lotus is a flower in bud, has elegant; Contracted grainy beige skin absorb dome light, properly foil with the bedroom light floral wallpaper, a charming rural style. To sleep in this elegant scene, must be a very comfortable enjoy. Zhongshan city lighting lighting co. , LTD. , founded in 2003 autumn is zhongshan crystal chandelier manufacturer, specialized management: high-grade crystal droplight, hotel crystal chandeliers, crystal chandelier is a professional fashion crystal chandelier manufacturers in zhongshan, is one of the best lighting factory
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