The secret of maintenance of all copper lamps in toilet

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
Many overall home decoration customers buy all-copper lamps in a complete set. The main lamp and the auxiliary lamp are all copper lamps. Some customers also choose all-copper lamps in the bathroom, so the all-copper lamps in the bathroom, how should we maintain it? Snooker will tell you the secret of the maintenance of all copper lamps in the bathroom. First, the bathroom copper lamp is best not to wash with water, you can use a dry rag to wipe with water, if you accidentally touch the water, try to dry; Do not wipe the bulb with a wet rag when turning on the light or just turning off the light, because the temperature of the outer wall of the bulb is high when turning on the light, and it is easy to burst when exposed to water. Lamps installed in toilets and bathrooms are best equipped with moisture-proof lampshades, otherwise the service life will be greatly shortened. Second, when cleaning all copper lamps, the lampshade on the cloth surface cannot be flushed with water, and should be cleaned with dry detergent. If it is made of glass, it can be washed with water, and the frame of the lamp can be wiped with cloth. Third, it is a good choice to clean the bathroom with vinegar. Pour the edible vinegar of about one beer bottle cap into half a basin of water, mix well, soak the rag in the vinegar water, and the wrung rag can be used to clean the dust on the lamp. Because vinegar has the effects of cleaning and preventing static electricity, the lamps wiped with vinegar are not only bright but also dustproof. Four, when cleaning the lamp body, should be gently wiped with a soft dry cotton cloth, the action should be kept from top to bottom, do not rub back and forth. When cleaning the full copper lamp lampshade, it is advisable to use a clean cleaning brush to avoid contaminating the lampshade or causing deformation. Five, when cleaning and maintenance should pay attention not to change the structure of the lamp, also do not change the parts of the lamp, after cleaning and maintenance, the lamp should be installed as it is, do not miss or install the lamp parts.
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