The quality of LED lights with discrimination

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-19
1 LED lights with the quality of identification, the flexible LED lights is to use FPC do PCB assembly, assembly with SMD leds, make the product thickness is only the thickness of a coin, does not occupy a space. LED, common specifications have 30 cm long and 24 leds and 50 cm long 15 leds, 24 leds, 30, LED, etc. There are 60 cm, 80 cm, etc. , different users have different specifications. Cut on and off at will, can be arbitrarily extended and shine is not affected. The FPC material is qualitative soft, can be arbitrary bending, folding and winding, can move in a three-dimensional space and adjustable rather than breaking. Suitable for irregular places and places in the narrow space, also because of its can be arbitrarily curved and winding, suitable for any combination of various patterns in the advertisement decoration. Article 2, LED hard light is made PCB assembly, PCB board and LED useful assemble SMD LED, also useful for assembly into the LED, different and different components as needed. Hard article lamp has the advantage of easy fixed, processing and installation is convenient; Defect is not casually bend, not suitable for irregular places. Hard article lamp with SMD leds have 18, 24 leds, 30 LED LED, 36 leds, 40, measuring LED a variety of specifications such as well; With upright leds have 18, 24, 36, 48 different specifications, such as, there are also positive side, the side glowing article also known as the Great Wall lamp. LED lamp belt production for stepped into the threshold low, so a lot of people on this project. But experienced, or is there a way to identify normal manufacturer production LED lights belt and shanzhai LED lamp belt ( Namely in the rental all by manual operation to produce the product) Is to be able to visually one soon. 1, the solder joints. Regular LED lamp belt manufacturer of LED lights is to use SMT process, with solder paste and reflow soldering process. Therefore, leds solder joints of the belt is smooth and solder amount not much, solder joint circular arc shaped from the FPC welding plate electrode to LED in extension. 【 Amount of solder solder and shanzhai leds with uneven, is one more dot encase leg, will have different degree of icicles appears at the same time, this is a typical phenomenon of manual welding. 2, see FPC quality. FPC divide into two kinds, apply copper and rolling of copper coated copper copper foil is out, scan it can see it from the joint of welded plate and FPC. And rolling of copper is close and FPC is an organic whole repeatedly, can be arbitrarily bent but there will be no solder falls off phenomenon. Apply the coin will appear if there is excessive bending welding plate fall off, repair when the temperature too high can cause pads fall off. 3, look at the LED lamp belt surface cleanliness. If the LED lamp belt of the SMT process, its surface cleanliness is very good, can't see any impurities and stain. But if use hand welding production of LED lights LED, no matter how the surface cleaning, will remain with traces of the stain and cleaning, and will help in FPC surface residual flux and tin slag. 4, see packaging. Regular LED lamp belt will use anti-static coil disc packaging, usually 5 meters a roll or 10 meters a roll, and then use anti-static moisture-proof packaging seal again outside. The shanzhai leds will bring because of cost savings, and use recycled coil plate, then no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags, see coil plate can see appearance with clear label and tracks when cut. 5, read labels. Regular LED lamp belt bags will be printed labels and coil plate, rather than the printed label. The shanzhai tags are printed, at the same time, do not have a unified specifications and parameters. 6, see the attachment. Regular LED lights inside the belt will be included in the enclosed instructions and lamp specification, at the same time also can equipped with leds with connector or booth; The shanzhai leds with cartons would not have these attachments, because some manufacturer, after all, still can save a province. Related searches: crystal droplight, European style crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory details, please login: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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