The lighting industry is in a difficult time, but dealers are still confident about the future.

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-16


People say that things are unpredictable, and this has been proven countless times in the past, and our lighting industry is the same. No one thought that the first half of the year was only a slightly cold market. As soon as the second half of the year was like entering the cold winter, the change could not be described in words. However, in these tragic changes, there are always The existence of change, in the words of the industry, is that the future of the industry is unchanged; the enthusiasm of dealers to pursue a better tomorrow remains unchanged; the survival rules that can win competition with diligence and wisdom remain unchanged.

 Cold current exposed puffiness in the market

 To say that the biggest change in the Shanghai lighting market in 2008 is probably the rapid expansion of the entire market. The revocation of the Shanghai City, known as Shanghai's first wall sconce city, caused a huge shock in the entire Shanghai lighting market, which led to many disputes, and some incidents also involved third-party markets. In this series of events, people not only saw the energy that the merchants burst out to protect their own interests, but also saw the greater profitable space of the lighting industry relative to other industries. So, from 2007 to 2008. In just two years of the year, many emerging markets were born in the Shanghai area. Some of these markets were expanded from the original old market, and some were newly created, which made the entire Shanghai lighting industry show an unprecedented prosperity. However, behind this kind of prosperity, there are many concerns and uncertainties. Some dealers have thought from the beginning that this is a puffiness. EME, the one in charge of Jingya , Chengda City, said when talking about the situation of the Shanghai lighting market: What is the use of the market? I can't make money, I don't want to rent.

 This abnormal market expansion was ruthlessly exposed in the second half of 2008. With the deterioration of the international economic form, the domestic economy has also been seriously affected. In the emerging lighting market in some suburbs of Shanghai, the pressure was first felt. In the market where the lighting area was expanded on a large scale, in the face of the investment mentality of dealers, the investment promotion was difficult and the expanded area was not. When people settle in, they eventually have to change their way.

 Pudong Road Banquan Road Oriental City and Jiuxing Boutique District are highly regarded by Shanghai's vast lighting distributors and manufacturers at the beginning of construction with high market positioning and excellent hardware environment. However, after the completion of the construction, the market operation is faced. With huge popularity pressure, dealers are preparing for a long-term war of resistance to cope with a potentially long market incubation period. In some large-scale stores, I often see only one or two salespeople sitting in the store. In the EMEs lighting store in the Jiuxing boutique lighting area, when the author asked the store owner to go, the answer was that the old shop was too busy, and the boss was there.    
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