The Light Expo held various lectures and was welcomed by the participants.

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-29

On October 19th, a China Home Summit held by the Expo Organizing Committee was held in Guzhen. Two senior experts, Cheng Shaoshan and Lu Qiang, made in-depth discussions on the status quo and prospects of the wall sconce industry. He has won many warm applause from more than 300 people in the industry.

Companies should learn from the successful overall marketing operation experience of other industries, and provide a reasonable positioning, target agglomeration, synergistic upstream, and solid position for enterprises. The way to help companies grow bigger and stronger, won the recognition of the industry insiders. After the meeting, there were still people in the industry who consulted the two experts.
It is understood that various lectures during the exhibition have added a lot to the exhibition, which not only enables exhibitors to instantly understand the industry information, but also thinks about the difficulties and solutions faced by the industry from the theoretical level through expert lectures. Warm welcome.

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