The hotel lobby, the crystalline light of how much?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-23
The hotel lobby, the crystalline light of how much? 0 - 0 - Many hotels in the decoration of the time can choose crystal lamp, just be sure to see exactly how big the crystalline light can be suitable for the hotel lobby? , of course, many hotels, are high, so the hotel lobby is the lamp of choice must pay attention to size, and lighting effects. Many hotels in different feeling may be due to the hotel, the lobby inside lamp, brings more feeling. This is not the same feeling, we are all feel full of luxury and charm, especially the hotel for two or three meters from the top to the bottom of the crystal lamp, does make a lot of people think, is very beautiful. Sometimes just choose crystalline light, be sure to pay attention to the area of the hotel, and height. If the hotel lobby is small, choose a smaller crystal lamp is very important, if a local instead of small crystal lamp is very large, so let more people think it is very funny. Will receive appropriate crystal, is to bring people, more upscale more grave feeling. The hotel lobby, the crystalline light of how much? Crystal lamp size has size, so the hotel decoration, the amount of space, look at the hotel lobby, what can see the area through the crystalline light material can be suitable for hotel, especially the night lights on, this very good result, is more important, so sometimes, hotel decoration, the selection of crystalline light hall is very headache, because want to highlight hotels of high-grade layer feeling, also want to have a kind of downy lamplight, lamp size selection in this respect must be more appropriate to just go, sometimes too bright lamp lights is very dazzling, let a person feel walked into the hotel is also a kind of uncomfortable feeling. Looked up to see, in particular, crystalline light so dazzling, this feeling will be very bad. So the hotel must be more in place, the choice of crystalline light light color first, not dazzling, and people look up to see the modelling of crystalline light. So that is able to feel the high-end hotels. The hotel lobby, the crystalline light of how much? Crystal lamp is very important in the hotel, so hotel lobby, requirements for light obviously is very unique, very strict, not the same as the size of the lamp, can have more effect in the hotel, because want to build the atmosphere of the hotel, the first is the lobby of the use of light, the first greets people light is also very important, so, in choosing a hotel crystal lamp, according to the different color model, such as round, long square, all kinds of crystal light effect is different in the hotel lobby. Especially lamp open after the color, is also very important, but also should be more attract talent line during the day, it is able to bring a better effect, crystal lamp is lighting not only, and is also a kind of decoration. In an article: how to choose the lamps and lanterns manufacturer in guangdong hotel, in order to more comfortable? Next: what kind of crystal lamp, can bring high-grade feeling to the hotel? Product recommendations
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