The hotel lighting installed the safety of the children can guarantee?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
Designers come to measure the actual position and size of lamps and lanterns, such as non-standard engineering lamp installation location, location, etc. , the designer from the perspective of multidimensional measure of the location of lamps and lanterns, to achieve accurate measurement. At the same time, also note the custom and lamps and lanterns with furniture, adornment or hang around collocation, conforms to the collocation of color and visual changes. Hotel lighting is a systems engineering, involves the hotel entrance and lobby, corridor, guest room, restaurant, banquet hall, conference room, etc. And the lobby lighting design, and is subdivided into rest area, service area, reception, and assistant nave, elevator, etc. Hotel entrance is in the transition of hotel space, it is necessary to clearly show the entry position of guide for the guests, in addition to a comfortable visual environment, and making good atmosphere. Entry is usually guest hotel hospitality service and vehicles in busy areas, lighting design should be fully guarantee the activity in the bright environment, ensure the safety of pedestrians and cars. If need to pay attention to cooperate with the size of the room. In the manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, when choose the lamps and lanterns of some lady saw a small feel very beautiful, just want to install in the room, and saw some larger droplight, pour down from the roof can be directly to the ground, they want to purchase and install. Here there is a larger defects, the installation of such effect is good or not. The lamps and lanterns of small if in larger installed in the sitting room, itself out of proportion; And big droplight if installed in the living room, hang down to the ground, can guarantee the safety of the children after installation? Pay attention to the brand effect. In some brand, a luxury crystal lamp your millions, quality and the quality is pretty good indeed, if the effect of decoration in the room also is pretty good. But as the user had thought, this product price is consistent with the value of the product itself, and in other manufacturers are also supplied with such products. So, hotel lighting light source to a targeted select category, under the condition of the same color temperature, weighing them in flux, whether on the average life expectancy is energy saving, easy to maintain and the trade-off between light color, don't cry because it is 'green lighting' ( Need to 'green lighting' concrete analysis to treat) Without using incandescent lamp.
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