The hotel lighting foil dining environment

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-26
Classification of non-standard lighting design hotel lighting design is divided into outdoor lighting and indoor decoration lighting. Outdoor decorative lighting, including the structure of the facade lighting, garden lighting, road lighting square, fountains and modelling lighting, etc. The lights of the restaurant is more than one local, of course, must have the relevant auxiliary lights, have the effect of foil dining environment. Use these auxiliary lights, there are many means, such as in the dining room furniture, glass and so set lighting; Art, the local lighting of the ornament, etc. Need to know the main auxiliary lighting was not for lighting, but in order to light and shadow foil environment, therefore, intensity of illumination is lower than the lights on tables, on the premise of outstanding main light source, the arrangement of light and shadow to do have the order, not disorder. Now whether we live in a space, or entertainment center space, all need to use the adornment ornament of lamps and lanterns, the lamp is acted the role of the ornament of nature will show different atmosphere. In the five hundred and sixty years ago, people may not know what is to enjoy, what is a luxury, nowadays more and more developed science and technology, the life of people also constantly improve taste, also pay more attention to lamp act the role ofing, because the lamp is acted the role of the development of better and better! People choose when undertaking the lamp ACTS the role of custom, focus is first hotel lighting manufacturers, lighting industry is developing very fast, competition is very fierce, which can be a people to love the lamps and lanterns of custom brand? Mainly because in terms of custom design, services and after-sale services are done for consumers to 'very satisfied', custom among the brand, it has a unique design concept, let more customers can customize to fit your lighting.
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