The home has been decorated with cloth lines. Can we install European wall lamps again?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-30
European wall lamps, as auxiliary lamps, can also play a very good decorative role in addition to daily lighting. However, many people have laid out wires before installing lamps, basically arranging some main lamp circuits, it suddenly occurred to me that a pair of wall lamps should be installed on the background wall of the TV set for decoration. As a result, the wires have already been laid in the home. Can European wall lamps be installed again? The answer is: it can be installed, snow Xiaobian will tell you the trick. Tip 1: Generally speaking, European wall lamps are installed 1440 ~ from the working face ~ 1850 is appropriate, but when the wires are laid, we can consider reducing the distance when installing the wall lamp. Tip 2: It would be easier to install a European wall lamp at the bedside of the bedroom. Usually the bedside wall lamp in the bedroom will have an inverted clip. After the hole is connected to the line, it can be directly buckled with a reverse card. In particular, the glass wall lamp can be hung up after the chassis is installed. For other wall lamps, for example, the crystal wall lamp is to hang some crystal balls on it, and for some overall wall lamps, it is better to directly fix the base iron piece and then tighten the lamp body with screws. Tip 3: The color and wire treatment effect of European wall lamp installation should be harmonious with the overall environment. For example, the wire should be embedded, and the color of the wire should be matched with the color of the wall, otherwise it will affect the appearance.
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