The first 'Visual and Lighting Art Research Center' was established in Tongji University

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02
  On December 19, 2001, China's first 'Visual and Lighting Art Research Center' was established in Shanghai Tongji University City Planning College. From China Lighting Society, China Lighting Association, Shanghai Planning Bureau, Shanghai Lighting Society and Tsinghua University School of Architecture, Tianjin University School of Architecture, South China University of Technology School of Architecture, Fudan University Electric Light Source Institute, China Academy of Building Research and part More than 100 representatives of enterprises and institutions attended the inaugural meeting. With the theme of “New Light – Light, Architecture, City”, the conference invited three professors to make academic reports. They were: Professor Yang Gongxia from Tongji University gave a report on “Architecture and Lighting”; Professor Zhan Qingxuan from Tsinghua University Report of “Light, Architecture, City”; Dr. Hao Luxi of Tongji University gave a report on “New Light – Lighting and Us in the 21st Century”, and their report was welcomed by the participants. After the report, the organizer invited all delegates to visit the new “Lighting Demonstration Room” of the center. The demonstration room is equipped with various luminaires on a ceiling that can be raised and lowered. By changing the light source and the luminaire, it demonstrates some basic concepts of light and illumination and the effects of lighting visual experiments. The research center is currently under the responsibility of Dr. Hao Luoxi of Tongji University. It is believed that the establishment of the center will make positive contributions to the development of China's lighting industry and the cultivation of professional lighting talents.  (middle stream)    
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