The difference between copper lamp process and copper plating process

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-17
Many people will find that many lamps are of the same style when purchasing all-copper lamps, but the prices do vary greatly. Thousands of lamps can be bought for hundreds of dollars, there will be a lot of tricks in it. The main source of the difference is in this material and process. The real all-copper lamp uses industrial H62 brass. Most of the copper lamps currently appearing on the market use iron and zinc alloy as raw materials, in addition, the current surface treatment technology such as electroplating has improved, making many lamps look like all-copper lamps, and this kind of situation of selling dog meat with sheep heads has deceived many consumers. So how should we distinguish such a situation? Let's take a brief look at it. First, look at the surface, if there are small irregular lines on the surface of the lamp body or accessories (Like real bronze)The closer you get, the better. However, some high-imitation surfaces will look smooth and delicate, with bright colors and high brightness. It feels good but is actually copper plated. Second, the weight of the weight of the copper lamp accessories in the hand is more heavy, and the fake will be more light, which can also distinguish some lamps are all copper lamps but the use of insufficient materials. 3. Experiment 1. If necessary, the surface of the copper part can be opened with a file without affecting the appearance, and the powder under the file can be observed. If it is golden yellow or golden White, it is copper, if you want to pay attention to other things. ( Note: According to the copper lamp industry standard, iron or other materials, such as screws and nuts, will be used in some major connection places) 2. Apply 5% hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid solution to the surface of the lamp body. If the lamp body does not change within 8 hours, it indicates that this is a qualified all-copper lamp. (Pay attention to safety) 3. For ordinary families, 50g of salt can be taken, 500g of water can be added, and a lamp accessory can be completely immersed in salt water. After 12 hours, the surface will not change, indicating that the treatment is in place.
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