The common 'dirty' of all copper lamp products, you really need to know about it!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-19
About a cliché of all copper lamps, Xiao Bian has to talk about it again! With the increasing economic level of people and the continuous improvement of life taste, all copper lamps are gradually accepted by the public. There is demand in the market. The huge market demand has stimulated the production of copper lamps. At present, all copper lamps are declared on the market; The brand and products are varied, but the quality is different. There are so many tricks on the copper lamps on the market, are you really clear? Today, Xiao Bian will introduce you to the common tricks of all-copper lamp products and share them with everyone who has plans to buy copper lamp products. 【Lamp body material] Here we first solve a problem: the full copper lamp claimed by the merchant; Is it really 100% copper? If a salesperson introduces their products like this, there is no doubt that they are making false propaganda. Pure copper is a soft metal that is difficult to shape, so of the copper lamp is the copper of the non-existent copper lamp; Refers to the brass alloy, which is made of copper and zinc and other raw materials in proportion. Compared with pure copper, it is improved in corrosion resistance, strength, hardness and machinability, excellent comprehensive performance. At present, the copper content of brass used in common copper lamps on the market is very different, as low as 50% and as high as 65%. H65 brass has excellent mechanical properties, and its plasticity in hot and cold states is very good, which is convenient for cutting, easy to weld and not easy to corrode. The superior processing performance of H65 brass can not only make the copper lamp better molded, but also prolong the service life and create more and more exquisite products. 【Glass lampshade] Glass is one of the commonly used lampshade materials for copper lamp products. It has crystal clear texture and good reflection effect on light source, which can increase the lighting brightness of lamps. Good plasticity can realize different artistic modeling, and after deep processing such as tempering, frosting, sandblasting, etc. , it is more ornamental and adds aesthetic feeling to the room. Although glass is very common in our daily life, however, due to the large number of lamp glass manufacturers on the market, the products of various merchants are also uneven, resulting in great differences in the price of lamp glass. The production environment of small brands has not been managed in a standardized way. Due to the influence of raw material pollution, uneven ingredients, poor control of melting molding process, etc. , the light transmittance and aesthetics are affected, and the finished product has many and large bubbles, it is even more obvious under the action of light. Therefore, when purchasing copper lamp products with glass fittings, pay special attention to the number and size of bubbles when turning on the lamp, and feel the comfort of the light. 1300- 1400 ℃ high temperature firing and annealing treatment, smooth surface without bubbles, clear texture, resistance to 300 degrees high temperature anti-burst. 【Craft] In addition to the value of the copper lamp itself, the process is also an important factor in reflecting the value of the copper lamp. The surface treatment process of copper lamps is complicated. Each lamp needs dozens or even hundreds of processes such as stamping, spinning, bending and welding. Each process has its own value. When it comes to the craft of copper lamps, it is inevitable that the traditional and ancient craft of sand turning will be indispensable. Sanding is a production method for obtaining products by pouring molten metal into a mold cavity and cooling and solidifying. Because the operation of the sand turning process requires manual operation by craftsmen with certain experience, the characteristics of long time consumption, low efficiency and high labor cost also determine the sense of value of copper lamps. Although small brands may have little difference in the operation process of sand turning parts, there are many changing factors such as copper content, treatment of used sand, addition of new sand and auxiliary materials, etc, if there is a problem with the monitoring of any one of the links, the product may have quality problems. For example, the most common trachoma is caused by the shoddy merchants and the excessive brass impurities used. Therefore, when purchasing all-copper lamps, the buyer needs to carefully observe the surface of the lamp body to see if there are obvious defects such as sandstone and cracks, and at the same time, he can feel them by hand, generally, the relatively high-quality sand-Turning parts will be carefully polished and polished, and the surface will be smooth without any burrs. If you touch it with your hand and feel uneven, it proves that the process of this lamp is not in place.
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