The chaos of the engineering lighting market

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
As we all know, with the continuous development of various projects of various sizes in China in the near future, the engineering lamp market has also shown a thriving scene. Domestic manufacturers specializing in engineering lamps came into being. Due to many reasons such as profit drive and lack of management, all kinds of chaos in the engineering lamp market have also been exposed. The owners of many engineering lamps have complained and are at a loss. There is no obvious difference in the surface of a lamp, but the price is one day; The quotation information of some engineering lighting companies is seamless, but the internal quality of the products is unbearable. Therefore, almost all the insiders of the engineering lamps and lanterns have issued such a sigh. The engineering lighting market is unfathomable. It is more difficult to find a satisfactory engineering lamp than to climb the sky. It is even harder to avoid the price trap of engineering lamps! To sum up, the author has made a simple sorting out the chaos in the market of various engineering lamps encountered in the production and sales of engineering lamps for many years, hoping to be helpful to everyone: the price of the same lamp is a world of difference. In the domestic engineering lamp market, there is often such a situation: the price of the same engineering lamp in different manufacturers is very different. From the surface, there is no difference between them, so that consumers do not know where to buy. As the saying goes: people don't know huo qian know what. According to this common sense inference, then buy expensive, maybe you are bigger. People are either fooling you with something produced by other manufacturers, because this lamp is not made by their family at all. In addition, there is an open secret in the engineering lighting market, that is, a single project is done, and there are countless beneficiaries. Maybe you will become the suckers who have suffered losses but still don't know. Your relevant information has long been bought by others. What You Give behind the inflated price is not a price, but endless troubles. Some people may think that in this case, then I will compare a few more. Can't I find a manufacturer that I trust most and has the lowest price to do it? Although this prevents the false high profits to some extent, it is hardly known that behind this low price is the almost suicidal move made by some manufacturers in order to survive, no matter how much the price is, take down the order first and then wait until the order is received, only to find that the price you quoted cannot even reach the cost, and the next thing can be imagined. Chaos 2: export to domestic sales; It has become an excuse for many engineering lamp manufacturers with low popularity in China. As a rare blue ocean market in the domestic lamp market in the past two years, the engineering lamp market has attracted thousands of manufacturers to join in. It was not until I joined in that I found that the market was not free to pick up money when I came in. It required manufacturers to have strong economic strength, successful cases of domestic engineering lamps, corresponding design and development teams, etc. These hard strengths can only be achieved through long-term accumulation. Some manufacturers who are not known in the domestic engineering lighting market have come up with the idea of export to domestic sales; This word to package yourself. I advertised myself as a manufacturer in the previous international market. As long as it is foreign; It happened that some people began to follow blindly. After a few months of installation, they found that they were fooled. It was too late, and they couldn't wait to hit the wall with their heads. Chaos 3: How can you copy me? The counterfeit products in the engineering lighting market have been flooded; The degree. If you use such a sentence to describe the domestic engineering lighting market, I don't think it is too much. In order to seek the maximum profit, some engineering lighting companies often take out domestic or even international well-known brands as bait when quoting or proofing. Wait until you take the contract, but with the designer, the procurement staff should be outside, stealing the column. A senior person in Su, who has worked hard for many years in the d Engineering Lamps Market, said: if there is a lamp selling well in one of the engineering lamps markets, within two days, the same engineering lamps will be hung in the most conspicuous place by other homes, and many small dealers are happy to profit from it; .
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