The all-copper lamp store ushered in another round of ordering climax after the opening year

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-14
In recent days cira mei ju complete copper lamp exhibition hall in bustling from National around of distribution come in a throng. These dealers from all over the country came mainly to visit the newly launched new models of the company. At the same time, the new products launched this time have also made bold improvements in the production process. Take the American lamp for example. In the traditional American lamp manufacturing process, sand turning is the main method, and sand turning is adopted-Upper lathe-Repair welding-Polishing- Engraving a series of crafts, if you cycle back and forth until the end to make a qualified American lamp. On the one hand, the construction period of this process is too long to fully adapt to the supply of American lamps and lanterns market; on the other hand, because more labor is used and the technical level of workers is required to be higher, it often leads to unstable quality and other situations. After fully considering the production process, the designers of snooker have boldly improved the process, not only maintaining the original advantages of American lamps, but also the details are more delicate and rich in texture.
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